How to carry weapon to base camp?


Question: Michigan hunter here, and am trying to figure out how to carry my weapons to base camp. I can bungee cord my bow to my trunk, but need ideas for the long guns. I’m not set up yet for a trailer, so that option is out. Any ideas?

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  1. I bought a cheap single shot CVA rifle just so i could have the ability to break it down in to two pieces for traveling.

  2. Best ideas I have heard of are making brackets so a gun rack can mount on your bike, with some sort of bungee cord to secure them or a trailer.

  3. It’s an Iron Horse so get a saddle scabbard and zip tie it.

  4. scabbard barrel down

  5. Across the front of the handle bars. In a case preferable.

  6. Koolpin sells gun boot brackets that are easily installed on a rear luggage rack. I had one for a while and I could fit it on any ATV either on the front luggage rack or the rear luggage rack.

  7. I used to strap a long case across my passenger seat

  8. Case and tie downs or bungee cords

  9. Pelican case and tie downs.

  10. I would think the larger question would be how do you haul the game back home

  11. What are you riding?

  12. In MI. lol hunting here in MN is Nov sure ain’t taking the bike lol

  13. Take the easy route: gun case and strap it to the passenger seat. I only own a bike and that’s how I bring a rifle and shotgun out to go shooting

  14. One concern might be to look at what Michigan laws require for securing guns. Unless your base camp is a lockable dwelling this could also be an issue.

  15. I use a knock down case for my over under 12 guage.

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