How could I tell if the ecu has been flashed?


Hello I have Yamaha MT-09 how could I tell if the ecu has been flashed? Thank you.

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  1. Mode A !when you on the ignition key.

  2. Thanks Chen, thinking of getting ecu flashed this winter thought I’d check before incase already got done.

  3. If your mt09 beat 230kmh lol is is

  4. Not all ECU flashes have the mode set to A when turned on. See if it’ll rev out to the limiter in 4th gear. On a closed road though.

  5. The fan will kick in at 95℃ instead of 105℃…

  6. Try going over 115 mph?

    • I’ve had 120 + out of her

    • Davies well then, if the limiter/governor didn’t cut in, yours likely had the ECU re-flashed.

    • Depends on where you live. In the US it is limited more than Euro zone, even in the EU there are differences. Take it you didn’t buy new. Most re-flashes done have A mode on switch on as default – does depend on the model year, apparently and assuming you speaking about the Tracer.

  7. Take the tank off and look at the ECU, if it opens its greatcoat then the answer is yes.

  8. Mine is in A mode when I start but it is not flashed. 2017 mod.

  9. Pretty sure mine was flashed by the first owner.. starts in A mode, revs out to red line in fourth fine and ive seen 245+ on the speedo. *shrug*

  10. Thanks for the advice guys, conclusion is that i don’t think it’s been flashed. So think I’ll be getting it done this winter.

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