Jumper Mod For 2006 Ninja ZX636R


Has anyone done the “jumper mod” and does it really work for a 2006 636

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  1. I heard it works. And there is a noticeable difference.

  2. 6 horsepower difference if I remember correctly

  3. No difference. Its a placebo effect. Its all in peoples heads.

    • Want proof

    • If i put you on 2 bikes that were identical and u didnt know anything about this mod and one bike had it and the other didnt. You wouldnt feel any difference and wouldnt have a bias opinion that it was done. People that post up dyno sheets dont understand that dynos will read different results for many different reason. I can bring a bone stock zx14r to the dyno, make 190whp then bring it back 2 days later and make 200hp.

    • I agree with everything you said bro. Anytime you dyno you should always make a few passes and dyno today at 190 u ain’t dynoing tmrw at 196 (the test shows a 6.1hp gain) also it was dynod at the same time before mod and after..ppl notice a slight top end gain..frgain..from us map.to Euro is all.it does so it says..why would that be impossible.

    • I could careless either way lol it def didnt slow anyones bike down

  4. I did it on my 06 636 It was noticeable in higher rpms alil more responsive as well.

  5. Forget who it was but one of the bike magazines did it with a dyno run before and after and it worked. Note- this only works on US model bikes as they were restricted for emissions or something along those lines, Euro models don’t need it as they were delivered with full power.

  6. On a 4th gen 10r it works lol popping on decel and a couple other things I can’t remember been a while lol. Bikes been flashed for a while now and love it. Needs a good dyno tune for sure though.

  7. I know people that have it on their bikes but they came like that so they don’t know if it worked. But I don’t see a difference riding with them.

  8. It’s 2017… If that wasn’t done to a 11year old bike something is wrong…

  9. The bike has been sitting in my brothers garage since 2007 it still had the 2006 sticker it was all original since he stayed in Germany for 10 years I recently picked it up and did full service on it it has 3200 miles.

  10. We dyno’d my bike before the jumper, after, and after the PC tune. It was about 3-4 hp after 10k rpm difference.

  11. Noticed mine in higher rpms. 2005 636

  12. I’ve done it. It’s just a top end slight performance gain. But it’s not that big a deal.

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