2016 Ninja 636 Non ABS – Throttle lag/power chop


2016 Ninja 636 Non ABS – throttle lag/power chop “happens randomly throughout the RPM range”. Started recently last few hundred miles and recently got worse! Not throwing any FI lights.

30k miles
ECU flash
Two brothers slip on
K&N air filter
Cat delete

Checked the following UPDATED**
Spark plugs
PC5 map
Battery connections

Any ideas?!

Reseated spark plugs, after a 2 mile test ride appears to be fine now… I will test ride it a bit more tomorrow to see if the problem occurs again.

Thank you all for the rapid responses and comments. Gives me further information to look back too if the problem occurs again!

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  1. First thing I’d check is the pc5. Take it off and ride it.

  2. Run some seafoam or mmo in the tank to see if your injectors are dirty

  3. Possible fuel pump issues?

  4. so is it dropping rpms? or jumping and sticking?

    • Power loss, can drop down to 50% or less often time for a second then jumps back.

    • im running into the same issue on an 04 zx10… probably the 2/3 gear in tranny but not to sure.. i know if RPMS are getting stuck on you can mainly be a PC issue or/and throttle bodies.. try unplugging your PC and have it wired how it use to be and see if theres a difference in that

    • Check the pump had same issue almost described perfectly.

  5. Do you run high octane…..98?
    If so, high octane and catalytic converters don’t mix. To many additives which block the cat and there for bogs down on power mid to high rev range.

  6. ECU, CDI box, Fuel pump,fuel filter, battery, blocked injectors, something nesting in your ram-air. On a 2016 with 30k on it, it will be something simple.

  7. Either battery connection, bad battery or pc5 failed.

  8. Reseated all the spark plugs. Went for a test ride and is running back to normal. Throttle response/power came back. Simple 2 mike test ride though. I’ll ride it more tomorrow and see if it happens again. If it does I’ll check fuel injectors and remove the PC5

  9. Fuel pump? 30k is about time to change it.

  10. Thank you all for the replies!! It appears it may have been a spark plug not seated correctly cause an ark and randomly miss firing the 4th cylinder. So far it appears to be running 100%. I will continue to test ride it in the morning. I’ll keep y’all updated!

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