How big of battery do I need to get?


Looking for some advice on solar power…I'm building a system for my bunkhouse I now have (3) 1.5 watt panels with a 100 watt controller. I will be using a 1000w inverter. My question is how big of battery do I need to get?…is a 35ah solar.battey large enough?if not will more than one in series work….thanks for any help

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  1. Keep us up with pictures of how you get this done. I Would Be INTERESTED In this.

  2. How I mounted the panels

  3. Looks good. Include where you get your supplies.

  4. Everything at harbor freight so far

  5. Great got one close

  6. I couldn’t imagine 4.5 watts charging power could charge a battery during one day. Also, if you don’t get a deep cycle battery (designed to discharge and recharge hundreds of times), a regular starting battery for something like a lawn tractor will not last very long. They are not designed to handle discharge and recharge over and over. I would get the smallest deep cycle battery you can find. I think you need at least 18 watts solar panel.

  7. So 2 35ah solar battery’s in series should be fine then

  8. Do you want to run a 24 vdc system? I think you want to wire them in parallel. I use a pair of deep cycle agm batteries for portable ham station. You need bigger panels and probably more battery capacity depending on what you plan on running from your inverter. I use either a single 15w or a pair of 15w panels to charge my pair of 12.5 Ah batteries. The 100 amp charge controller is overkill and will be inefficient with your tiny panels. Inverters are not very efficient so i wold have to know what you are planning on running and for how long. Good Luck with your project.

  9. Sorry your correct the battery’s will be parrallel. This is just back up system.

  10. check out the agm batteries made for the electric scooters. They are a good choice for longevity and most bang for your buck. They are small and can be placed in various nooks in your rig. I have mine in a plastic ammo box with the 30 Ah charge controller mounted inside with power pole outlets and meters for monitoring input and output voltages and current draw. The meters are a bit of overkill but they look cool, lol. I carry the panels and set them up on the ground at the best angle to the sun for max output.

  11. Rom, please add some pictures of your rigging.

  12. Opps, i opened up a can of worms, lol. Now I have to take some pictures.

  13. Personally. I would go to West Marine or a boating out fit to buy my panels. Water proof and will last longer/bigger panels to put out more etc. use LED no matter what you do for lighting.
    West Marine also has a set up / battery box w/a cigarette lighter/adapter installed on it. That helps.

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