How do you carry a 20 pound LP tank


OK fellow brothers and sisters. It's time to put your forks and knives down, push the supper plate away and please answer me this question(s). πŸ™‚

My lil' wifey and I got ourselves an Aspen "pop-up" this past winter- to be used in a few weeks. πŸ™‚

? 1: How do you carry a 20 pound LP tank

? 2: How do you power a light and re-charge your lap tops. (I'm a writer and we like out of the way places; i.e: no power supplied. )

We appreciate your answering before dessert. πŸ™‚

(And, as always, "Keep it safe our friends!) ~Kruser

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  1. Idea for question 2..I’m adding a deep cycle batter with an inverter for when we don’t have power

  2. I have an aspen as well, I carry the small one lb bottles less space taken up and can get them anywhere…gas stops , conveinacne stores ect. personally I leave the laptop home..but I do have a battery pack called a rescue pak….have the large one that has many different plugs as well as cables to jump a car truck or bike

  3. agree with you daniel on both

  4. I also use 1lb cylinders

  5. Honda and Yamaha make nice very small generators that are super quiet.

  6. Harbor freight has a 2 stoke one for under 100

  7. We try to get sites with water and electric. KOA is biker friendly also. Lots of Parker have elective hookup.

  8. I have an Aspen Classic and I too carry the 1 lb bottle and replace them in towns along the way. You can buy one of those 2 cycle 800 watt little generators from Harbor Freights for less than $100 if you absolutely have to. Getting ready for this year I have bought some of the lithium ion batteries packs that hold from 12,000mAH to 50,000mAH. Just fiquire out your charging needs and how many recharges you need. I only will take my tablets and cell phone so depends what you have to charge up.

  9. A small solar setup (about 15 to 30 watt panel(s) with Deep Cycle AGM battery(s) can be used to power up your laptops and charge your phones. Your LP tank can be mounted on the tongue of your trailer. i don’t use LP but do employ a 15W solar panel with a pair of 12 v 12ah batteries with a charge regulator mounted in a plastic ammo box to power my Amateur Radio equipment. Good Luck with your choices.

  10. We use solar lights and rechargeable items.

  11. Solar. Power.

  12. I have never needed a full 20lb tank… take smaller ones. What are you using to tow your trailer? I have mounted an auxillary to my bike for charging.

  13. I carry a 10 lb tank inside the camper ,(aspen classic) don’t really use that much gas camping,, and i have a portable 12 volt booster that i use to power stuff , you can recharge it from the bike or from 110 ac if available,, most now have a cigarette lighter plug on them ,, look for the dry cell so if it turns over it doesn’t leak acid .. I think I got mine from harbor freight ..

  14. Seeing most of these posts, I have to agree, for the most part. Small 1lb. propane bottles (unless you’re base camping). A small inverter works well charging (keep your motor running). Small solar panels can do wonders too! As far as lighting, carry a few extra batteries.

  15. On the road I stop for food on my last gas up, I buy a small bag of charcol enough for dinner, no extra weight

  16. Check out

  17. Not sure about a 20 lb tank, I just use the disposable ones. You can buy em anywhere

  18. Don: Try for a charging station. maller LP tanks than 20 lbs. Keep your tongue weight towards the front.

  19. Consider a smaller LP tank than a 20. I think they sell a 10 lb.

  20. I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions; they are all great!
    Yes, we are looking at traveling as light as possible in order to enjoy being out there instead of simply moving our home with us. πŸ™‚
    At the same time, I really prefer not to use the small pounders just to toss them out, but have seen something where I may be able to refill them myself???
    The only reason for the lp is to keep us warm, no making meals for us when we are on the road. Unless it’s coffee, tea and cocoa wheats. πŸ™‚
    The major need is to run a small light and re-charge laptops, otherwise it’s "roughing it" and enjoying Mother Nature.
    Again, we thank all of you for taking the time to help us figure how to get what we need and no more.
    Who knows, maybe we’ll see some of you out on the road?
    ~Keep it safe our friends!
    P.S.: In answer to Mary Swann Petersen: We are riding a 2011 Electra Glide.

  21. I have spoken the some LP vendors and mentioned I bought the "refill kit" for the one pounders at Harbor Freights and they all warned me how dangerous it was and no one should ever do as they aren’t really built to refilled! I decided they knew more than I did so I have never used it! Just an fyi.

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