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Question about the Aluma MC Trailers pull behind, I was on I40 yesterday and passed two bikes, one a Nomad with the smaller version trailer and a GW with the larger trailer. Both bikes were two up. Both trailers were a little bouncy and moved side to side. Both trailer did not have extended tongues. Is this normal for the trailers to have been behaving this way? And can you feel this behind you?

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  1. Also on these trailers, you need to ensure the axles are properly aligned. Measure from the hitch to the hub on both sides. If it’s not the same measurement, make adjustments. After some trial and error, mine pulls nicely

  2. The side to side motion is sometimes the driver not stirring the bike correctly and trailer not loaded right

  3. Grooves in the road will also make the trailer unstable. On heavily traveled asphalt highways by heavy vehicles, the road surface tends to "sag"

  4. Scott V Su00e9guin 325. Its great. We just got it few weeks ago. Love it!! Even has an air conditioner port. Its a trailmaster. Had a king size bed and 6×6 maybe little bigger sitting room inside.

  5. Timeout Deluxe behind a Harley. Tracks great down the highway with a noticeable upset when hitting a pothole or tar-strip and the trailer self-corrects right away. Great suspension on this design. Most wobblers I’ve followed had soft tires as the culprit. That is, their trailer tires were noticeably under-inflated.

  6. i have a short tongue trailer i dont even know it is back there at any speed i want to travel and it is is loaded heavy

  7. I have a GW, ride two up and tow the larger Aluma. I never feel my trailer at all. The only time I can see a little side to side in trailer is on settled asphalt. It is a great trailer.

  8. Shawn, do you mean an Aspen Classic from Trailmaster Inc.?

  9. Yep. Located in el paso Illinois.

  10. I got one of those too. Used it first in 2005 going to Sturgis. Pic is by Devils Tower which is way in the background….

  11. Also pull this one… Pic is right after I got it. Added a few things since then.

  12. Suspension also maters. My friend has a leaf spring suspension trailer from Harbor freight and I have a torsion suspension trailer by Cycle Mate. On our ride to the "Back of the Dragon" a few weeks ago the tail gunner told me that mine rides "Very planted to the road with almost no sway." He said the spring suspension trailer has a lot more bounce and sway going on but my friend says he doesn’t really notice when pulling it. That was good to hear because I rarely even know it’s back there at cruising speed even in the twisties. We both had added a cooler to the front of our trailers but I didn’t have mine loaded up until just a few miles before the campsite. I don’t know about his. Didn’t notice any appreciable change in handling after I loaded mine up with groceries either.

  13. Jerry L. Rodgers both trailers looked very level on their bikes

  14. The suspension on my camper wore the tires funny, when I changed them I got the sway. Same tires on my TagAlong it rides like it’s on rails. I think over time the better half axle torsion suspension gets weak and causes this. Don’t it would ever be a problem on solid axles unless it’s out of alignment. A longer tounge does handle better.

  15. Probably the way they were loaded then.They will walk or sway if tongue or tail heavy . It’s easily done more so if you pack the cooler heavy.

  16. Wells Betts thanks for the info on the measurements, I’m looking at one of the trailers and was surprised to see the behavior of them on the two different bikes. The roadway was I40 East toward Cookeville, TN, tons of traffic, but seems smooth.

  17. Karen,what we normally do is if we are carring extra drinks,we put just a few in the cooler and the rest in the trailer so they can be distributed around,the just restock as needed.

  18. I would also, thanks Jerry, I wanted to ask owners who pull this specific trailer to see what they all said, its a very nice trailer,

  19. This is what I tow when we are not camping,of course it’s red now to match the 1800.

  20. love the Bustec trailers, but a little rich for me

  21. They’re the best, they don’t bounce.

  22. How many miles do you get out of the tires on those.? That is a bike tire?

  23. The tongue length does affect the tongue weight. This primarily has to do with the same affects leverage has on moving or supporting loads.This becomes obvious when comparing tongue weights of a short tongue trailer and a longer tongue trailer of the same design and construction and same loading and gross weight. The reason is that the weight the trailer is carrying located between the axle and the hitch is shared between the wheels and the hitch as a percentage. The more weight that is located toward the axle end of the tongue will reduce the percentage of that weight carried by the hitch know as tongue weight. That amount carried at each will be determined by the percentage of the length it occupies over the tongue . . . less the counterbalancing weight in the trailer behind the axle. With a longer tongue the weight that is carried over the tongue will occupy a smaller percentage of the tongue’s over all length so it will also be transferring more of that weight to the axle and wheels and less to the hitch than the other trailer with a shorter tongue. All the weight riding behind the axle is carried 100u0025 by the wheels but a percentage of that weight offsets or counterbalances weight carried by the tongue to the hitch for both trailers but at slightly different rates for the same percentage reason. Is anyone still awake after this? LOL

  24. The trailer I tow is made for small cars, this company came out with a shorter trailer for bike a few years later

  25. Damn Pete Owens. I had to go have a smoke break about half way through that post! Lol

  26. No Michael Scott,it’s a 300×16,6ply run flat built for these trailers.Mikeage is around 20k.

  27. LOL, Wells. That’s one way to stay awake.

  28. Michael, that trailer looks fine with your bike. Wonder what they changed for a motorcycle version.

  29. The axle position with the body plays a big part on weight distribution. If the axle is more to center of the body,this allows you to put weight behind the axle thus lightening the tongue weight.

  30. Pete the website is above the picture

  31. It is a science that can get out of whack with wrong axle, tongue weight, tires or loaded wrong. Can’t wait to figure my camper fish tail problem out. Got to be the half axles, desk with it when I get back from the Dragon. Dragging my Tag Along

  32. What camper do you have Michael Scott?

  33. Far as I can tell. An Air Camper from an out off business place in Indiana.

  34. Looks like is this.

  35. Never saw one but good looking rig.

  36. Love it! Very light, no bs rooms, I put a 6 person instant up in the cargo area for a living room. And also carry a 10×10 canopy. Bingo! Light weight assault camper, or week long rally home.

  37. Sweet
    What kind of wear pattern you getting on the tires?

  38. Worn on the inside. Towed fine 80. New tires fish tail so bad max speed 50.

  39. Yeah you have alignment issues.

  40. They should wear flat or even.Rub you hand across the trade of the tire side to side and see if there is like sharp edges in one direction or the other.

  41. not enough tongue weight if there is movement from side to side.

  42. I tow trailers professionally. Going on 4 million miles. It is alignment, not tongue weight. Wheels tilt in at top. Trying to find bolt on half axles. Sw trailer sold me new ones for $350 that do not fit. So they are trash….they will not answer the phone.

  43. Mine has 6 holes where that one has four, mine is four lug where that one is five. Those things get so technical it’s frustrating.

  44. ebay has plenty more selections than that. I’m sure you can find the one you need there.

  45. Mine is the smaller one. The big one is what I’m eating from SW Trailer because they won’t answer the phone for a return and have such high restock fees.

  46. Yea I’m going to the TOD do this is on the back burner for now. Grrrrrrrrr

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