Honda Shadow Drive Shaft Issues


Hello, anybody have any issues with their shaft drive? Thanks.

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  1. Nope what’s going on?

  2. More info would be nice.

  3. I haven’t bought one yet and I’m actually trying to figure out what will be a better buy, chain or shaft. Shaft requires less maintenance but I have heard if you give it gas coming out of a turn it can lift the back tire…

  4. No issues with shaft less maintenance . The chain needs adjusting and if you go with a bike with a belt piss off some.

  5. No that’s not true about tire coming off the ground. I have a 95 Honda shadow 1100 and it’s hard tailed with no issues.

  6. The newer bikes don’t jack up like the early 80’s shaft bikes.

  7. I’ve got an 85, have no idea what you mean by picking up.

  8. The shaft causes the rear to rise a little but it’s all in the suspension. The rear tire won’t leave the ground on you.

  9. My 82 v45 sabre and 83 v65 where horrible when u got on them and the back end raises up for a few then settles back down. Was a pretty common issue on the early shaft bikes.

  10. Never noticed it, front suspension comes up a good four inches.

  11. As much power as my v65 made if I hammered it hard leaving a light it would sometimes hop because the rear suspension was coming up and trying to pull the front tire off the ground at the same time.

  12. Never. Wish all my bikes were shaft.
    It’ll lift but seems to grip great. And wheelie second gear if you’re really in it.

  13. Chain will allow you options to change final drive ratios. Shaft drive, has no real option. Never heard of shaft drive lifting the back wheel. I have a shaft drive and I screw it on out of corners all the time.

    • Mostly true. Yeah only option I have found so far that has the same effect as changing a sprocket is changing the size of the rear tire. I went from a 160/80 to a 170/80 and it lowered my highway rpms a decent amount and I still have all the power I did before. Actually now I can lite the tire up when cranking 1st through 3rd gear and never could before. But I also think that has to do with the fact that I’m hella more confident I my bike now.

  14. Yeah my shaft has bumps all over it & it burns

  15. Shaft is the best!!

  16. My shaft is working just fine…

  17. I love my shaft ­čÖé

  18. I love and prefer shaft. Chain is too much maintaince and belts will eventually wear and snap. My belt was a little smoother than my shaft but I like the direct feel of the engine more / no play. Chains are messy and sprockets are a pita to to replace. I rather ride than sit next to my bike tinkering.

  19. None so far. Will never go back to a chain.

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