Best Oil For Honda MSX125 Grom


Hello, I don’t know which oil I need to use for my Honda MSX125 Grom. Which one do you recommend? Thank you.

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  1. I use the Honda oil specified in the owners manual, it works good.

  2. thank you very much

  3. I use shell rotella oil

  4. Rotella t6 or triple by the gallon.

  5. I don’t use oil for your honda.

  6. Coconut oil

  7. Amsoil is what I put in my Grom and CBR

  8. I use the GN4 oil

  9. Putoline fully synth.

  10. Belray thumper ?

  11. which model do you have bro ?

  12. The Honda brand 10w30 synthetic is working great in my Grom. 31,500 HARD miles and still going strong.

  13. Amsoil metric.

  14. isn’t one of the fucking questions to get in this group “what oil do you use” ? jesus christ

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