2008 CBR600RR Brake Problem


Okay question for you guys. Me and my dad both have 2008 cbr 600. Well we decided to drain the front break fluid and put new in it. Well after a day the breaks went squishy so we both replaced the master slave cylinder and new fluid got all the air out breaks would bestiff and a few days later they’re basically gone again. Don’t see any air bubbles when bleeding it so what could it be???

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  1. Have u removed the hoses ?. Maybe your not fully bleeding them.

  2. I’m going through same crap on my GSXR. They say the bango bolts are the issue on these things.

  3. Keep bleeding until they’re not squishy. As you ride, air bubbles will continue to make their way to the top until you bleed it all out.

  4. Try bleeding the bleeder near the brake fluid reservoir. It helped with mine.

  5. If you used dot 5 brake fluid it’s very hard to get all the air out.. did you start to bleed the back brake first?

  6. Back breaks were never touched just the front, but we used some synthetic fluid don’t remember the brand.

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