Honda Grom Stock Chain Quality


Scale of 1-10 what do you rate the stock chain as far as quality.

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  1. 2. Maybe 3. Where 1 is a leather belt and 2 is a bicycle chain from Walmart.

  2. People forget..this bike was not designed for what 96% of us use it for.. with that being said. 8 its held up great.

  3. Lower than my dog’s shit

  4. Horrible way to gauge the chain. My stock chain lasted me 7,000 miles with adjusting, cleaning and lubing every 300 miles. Granted I did ride year-round and in the wet/snow. When I replaced it I went 428 x ring and got 13,000miles with adjusting every 1,500-2,000 miles and got 13,000 miles out of it. Recently replaced it with another 428 chain of even higher quality.

  5. -1 compared to pretty much anything aftermarket that’s still pretty cheap.

  6. Junk. Just replace it with a good one.

  7. I don’t beat on it (that much lol) and I’d rate the chain at a solid 2.5. Maybe 2.75.

  8. Absolute wank.

  9. Everyone is super down on the stock stuff, what problems are you guys having?

  10. Same as a Chinese pit bike chain.

  11. 5k on mine with no adjustment needed. So I’m giving it a solid 8

  12. 3k on mine adjusted all the way out already time for a new one ID give it like a 2

  13. 2. My 428 size o-ring chain is 9 or 9.5

  14. 2500 miles my chain is fine!. DID 420D is a good chain look at the rockwell hardness spec.. keep clean and lube. IDK why people are saying it’s no good. Solid 8.. maybe 2 if you don’t look after it, no O ring= extra care= long life. I did pick up a RK racing GB420MXZ chain but suspect I will not need it for some time.

    • Yeah, that’s my issue. I ride mine every day in all conditions and don’t want to waste time cleaning it every day, so the o ring chain works perfectly for me. I spray some oil on it and clean it every few thousand miles and I’m good to go.

    • The most I’ve ever got on a non-oring is 5,000 miles. My o-ring has 5,000 and hasn’t even needed adjusting once.

    • I have to agree that having O/X ring is the way to go. Also since it’s sealed, you don’t have to lube it anywhere near as much as a non-oring. The lube won’t go past the seal. So all it’s really doing is preventing corrosion and keeping the O/X rings from dry rotting. Though if you had the time to lube a high quality non-oring chain all the time it should last longer than a sealed version of the same chain.

  15. Just buy a new fucking chain and sprockets!

  16. Change the chain. You look 12

  17. Mine made it 5000 miles before it streched so far I couldn’t adjust it anymore. It held up great for 3k miles adjustment every 800 miles. After 3k miles I was adjusting every other ride. For the abuse it took I give it a 5. Crappy but it did get the job done. Now running a overpriced protaper non o ring and its awesome 3000 miles and only one adjustment.

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