MSX125 all indicators and speedo has stopped working


All indicators and speedo has stopped working on my pals new shape any ideas? Bike:Honda MSX125 Grom

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  1. We checked the ones under seat, there’s no more is there?

  2. Did you check them or replace them ? just try another fuse.

  3. Alright only checked.

  4. Take off the headlight there will be a loose connection.

  5. That’s what I thought buy why would it effect rear indicators too.

  6. Will warranty cover this.

  7. Osborne cause it’s a circuit so won’t work if front ain’t trust take off headlight there will be a plug loose.

  8. Alright cheers.

  9. I had that problem to its a cunt.

  10. Rhodes how did you fix?

  11. Warranty eill cover that bro.

  12. Sweet jus long to try get down there

  13. I taped up around the indercatur bullet connectors and it was all cool

  14. What about the speedo?

  15. The short was stoping it working on my one.
    Got a spair set of clocks if you want to try them.

  16. It’s my pals bike I think he’s taking it too honda I’ll let you know cheers mate.

  17. Its ok bro.

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