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What’s everyone running for oil in there cbr600rr I bought my bike used and never found out what the guy before me used for oil so I really want to go with a semi or full synthetic oil just to be safe and I have heard many people say that it has to be a none moly based oil any help or info will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.

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  1. Mineral

  2. I’m just not sure if I should just go with a regular none synthetic oil because if the guy that owned it before me was using a semi or full synthetic oil you shouldn’t switch atleast that’s what I was told.

  3. Rotella t6

    • This, over 20K miles on a the F4i, almost 20K on the 1000rr, and about 5K miles on the 600rr. All bikes have been tracked (track days, not races)

  4. Has anyone used this oil I would really like to go with a Honda oil.

  5. Yep, But now I rock bel ray mineral. I’ve used alot of types of oils.

  6. Amsoil is the best!
    Also motul 300v good too.

  7. Motul 300v worth every penny.

  8. 2 and a half quarts

  9. This is what I use.

  10. Motul 300v if it’s being used for track duty. Honda HP4S for street duty.

  11. Thanks everyone for responding just was kind of wondering what other people were using in their bikes

  12. Disregarding the misinformation some may have given you, straight from the owners manual.

  13. Best of the best


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