Honda Goldwing CB Antenna Kit


Thinking about purchasing the Honda Goldwing CB antenna kit. I checked with the dealer on where I live at, and they want $330 for the install. I already have a SENA 20s and just purchased the SENA free wire. I guess the reason why I am looking at the CB is just in case if I’m riding with someone or in a group and they want to use the CB, I at least have it as a back up. I know through Wingstuff, it is $697 for the kit, and that includes the antenna, which is the Honda OEM factory antenna. Do any of you know of a place in Ohio that might install it for a lot less or if any of you are close to Cuyahoga Falls, I would be willing to pay you a lot less to install that compared to the dealership and the dealership does not have an SW meter to tune the antenna.

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  1. Install it yourself. It’s easy.

  2. Is the $330 just for the antenna? That’s a bit steep.

  3. I did my own that way i know its right its not that hard id help but its a big roadtrip to Minnesota

  4. Cyclemax for the CB, Wingstuff for the OEM antenna. The kit they sell is not an OEM antenna!! Not hard to install just take your time. The OEM antenna generally doesnt need synced with an SWR meter.

  5. Honda unit works the best for me

  6. Easy install. YouTube has the video. just be sure all your connections are clean before you plug them in. I learned the hard way. if you have any problems, you can pm me. I’ll be glad to walk you through it

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