FJ-09 ECU flash in Southern California


Can anyone recommend where I can get my ECU flashed in Southern California?

Kevin Ho 6 years 10 Answers 1196 views 0

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  1. Just pull it and ship to 2wheeldynoworks works in Washington. Nels is the best around and it’ll be back within a week

  2. Thank you Lan, How much do they charge to reflash the ECU?

  3. About 300-315 usually

  4. yes… I am checking out their website now. Did you get it done yourself? If so, how was the before/after effects?

  5. Their ad says it all right here: ECU Flash – Starting at $299 to $599. This is the best way to get the most from your motorcycle. We go in and change all the settings in the ecu, we remove restrictions, and get the bike 100% dialed to perfection. This goes above and beyond any sort of tuning in the past, it is the cutting edge technology in tuning for motorcycles today.

  6. I did. After I installed my exhaust. It is soooo much smoother, more power up top, no loss at low end, always starts in A-mode, no backfires. Best $ you can spend. He offers free reflashes if you upgrade exhaust or go back to stock

  7. Awesome! I have a full Akropovic Titanium exhaust system. Sounds awesome but I hate the back fires. I want to get rid of the speed limiter too. What was your before and after top speed with the ECU flash? You can inbox me if you feel more comfortable…lol

  8. Haven’t checked top speed yet, but it’s nice to know it’s not restricted, lol

  9. Good answer…lol

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