Having trouble getting my Lectron to work properly


Alright, need some suggestions.. Having trouble getting my lectron to work properly. At their suggested setting, it’s way rich. I can lean it out so much that the plug is white, and it improves somewhat, but that seems like a bad idea. Top end has maybe an hour on it. Intake boot to air box is new. Carb boot to reed cage is new. Reeds are original I think. Some sort of boyesen rad valve. No chipping or fraying. I can shine a light and see some small gap, but not sure what is acceptable. Currently have their 4-2 rod. The 2-3xl does the same.

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  1. Are you leaning it by adjusting the power jet or turning the metering rod ? Where is it rich ? Have you tried calling them ? They were very helpful for me.

  2. Yes adjust with the rod first. Get the idle right with the rod then make other adjustments.

  3. Do this. Turn the power jet all the way off. Start backing the rod out until the bike starts leaning out. You can tell by the bouncing of the idle. Start taking it back in a little then. The powerjet doesn’t even come into play until the slide gets past it. Look at the location of the throttle tube when the slide is right before clearing the powerjet. See if your problem is occurring before or after that.

  4. I just took mine out for its maiden voyage today and is running on the rich side. The paper work says to call them first before making any adjustments. But I was curiously eyeing the power jet screw It appears to be screwed open quite a bit.

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