2014 KTM 350 EXC-F


2014 KTM 350 EXC-F (New to me, with only about 10 hours) is hard to start when cold. It has been “de-smogged”, new plug, battery is working great. Once it’s warm, it starts instantly, every time.Is this a common problem with the 350? Any suggestions to improve the starting, or what to check?
[I previously owned the 500 EXC, same year, and it started instantly, every time, even in winter]
One more thing: There is a little black knob on the EFI mechanism that can be pulled out. It’s really hard to reach, but it can be popped out with finger if you try really hard. What the heck is it? There is no mention of it in the manual that comes with the bike. It looks like a choke, but I thought EFIs didn’t have chokes! It may be an idle adjustment knob, but why would it pull out?

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  1. The knob you can pull out is your cold start or choke,problem solved !

  2. Button might be the cold engine start

  3. Pull the knob. Let idle for 2 to 3 minutes , push knob back in. Ride. Enjoy

  4. Tps sensor is probably set to low. Read up on adjustment or have it set to .62 volts

  5. The knob is the enrichener and the idle adjustment. Pull it out for cold starts and to adjust your idle.

  6. Thanks, folks.

  7. It’s the choke

  8. You didn’t ask me?\nCold start knob. Hello…\nAlso check valves and replace the inline filter :)\nYou want to borrow that tps wire back for a bit too?\nI can’t believe he trusted total strangers… ­čÖé

  9. Really it shouldn’t need cold start pulled until it’s in the 30s out… Or that’s how the 500 is. Check valve clearance.

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