2014 Husaberg TE250 Rekluse Core Exp 3.0


2014 Husaberg TE250. I recently installed a used Rekluse Core Exp 3.0. I installed a new Barnett 300 Belleville spring also. I have slip at high rpms and heavy load. Any suggestions? I read on Ktmtalk.com guys are using stock plates because they have more surface area. Should I buy new friction plates from Rekluse?

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  1. Oem plates what oil are you running ?

  2. Completely anecdotal but with stock plates I got slippage. I also got slippage when I put the rekluse plates in backwards. My guess is the angle of the waves pushes oil away from the disk in certain situations.

  3. OEM and Rotella. Never had slipping problem on any Rekluse.

  4. Is the bevel spring installed correctly? If you got past flat you actually reduce spring pressure. That’s what the holes are for on the pressure plate. Secondly what springs are in the reaction plate? I’ve had better luck with stiffer reaction plate springs and a closer gap adjusted via the slave cylinder. This let’s the plate put more force on the clutch pack under high rpm

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