VFR 400 best discs to use for front brakes?


Question: what’s the best discs to use for front brakes?

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  1. Not Chinese ones. I had problems with tyga ones too. The best are PFM, then things like Galfer and Braking then onto EBC and Japanese stuff. Depends what your looking for really race, track or just road.

  2. I’ve had Ashari discs for years. They haven’t warped yet!

  3. Cbr 600 f3 discs fit ?

  4. Just go for the Honda ones, otherwise ebc race ones

  5. Theres a company out of Brisbane Australia which do discs which they sell thru ebay. Metal Gear. Havn’t used them yet, but will be checking them out when i need discs.
    They do gold or black centres. 200aud each disc.

  6. My partner for my championship is NEWFREN very very good quality New génération of disc and pads http://www.newfren.com

  7. Best of george spring sting discs 1 & 2

  8. Round shiny ones

  9. Those wave discs out of china or hong Kong work great and never had a problem in 50.000 kilometres

  10. been using a set of chinese for years no problems and has a 1000cc caliper brake upgrade on it as well

    • i’ve always found that webike are a bit overpriced to other sellers around

    • Nigel Warren, I’ve not found a cheaper place for spark plugs, and lots of cool stuff I can’t find elsewhere, but you might be right on other bits.

    • Found that there tyga gear is more expensive then going to the source in Thailand. There translation from japanese to english is a bit confusing.especially the reviews of parts from customers.

  11. I have EBC vee rotar on mine with SP1 callipers and the braking is awesome!

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