Does that mean my clutch has gone?


Lads quick question for you if I pull my clutch on my bike and it stays driving does that mean my clutch has gone??

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Answers ( No )

  1. Not usually… cable or hydraulic?

  2. Do you think it would cost much

  3. To fix it my self

  4. Try adjust it

  5. I did but it's like it's not catching

  6. What bike?
    Take side cover off & suss it out,might be an old basket grabbing on the plates,file down if not too bad till can get a new one..could be alot of reasons

  7. What bike is it?

  8. Plates may be stuck together. How long has bike sat for

  9. Could be shitty oil,last change?lots of things

  10. before you do anything drain your gear oil if u have a 2 stroke replace it with some auto transmission fliud type f mite do the trixk

  11. Is a cable or hydraulic

  12. Means your clutch isnt working lol

  13. I've done it lads thanks a lot me thinking something big was wrong happy days

  14. How does it run under load eg , up hill

  15. Gone or in need of ajustment

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