I’m running 50:1 fuel mixture and wanna run 40:1


Hey hey everyone good morning. I have a 2013 ktm 250 sx and I’m running 50:1 fuel mixture and wanna run 40:1. Would it be ok for me just to switch to 40:1 or do I need to adjust some stuff so the bike will run it

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  1. How hard do you ride the bike ? Have you fouled plugs at 50:1 ?

  2. It depends on the oil. Amsoil Dominator 2 stroke oil is made to be run at 50:1, if you are using Yamalube, it can be mixed at 32:1 or 40:1.

  3. Leave it at 50:1 . Manual calls for 60:1.

  4. If it runs good leave it alone. Change your jetting if needed. Also depends on the oil you buy. See what it recommends

  5. Just curious why you want more oil?

  6. Dirt Bike channel on YouTube has a great video on this very topic.

  7. To much oil is better than not enough oil. I'd go 40:1… just keep an eye on plugs. U may need to bump up jetting. More oil means less gas because the oil is taking up more space than before

  8. You can run 32.1 if jetted properly

  9. Just think of your crank bearing! That is alot of rpm with little to no oil. But I also run the older 2000 model bikes.so they are on a 32.1 diet.

  10. I used motul a 100:1 in the past the new blend 50:1 or 70:1 depending on the jetting. Don't be fooled think oil mixture is the same as rich or lean. That is all jetting

  11. It more depends on the oil you are running. Read the label on the oil and stay in the range recommended by the oil manufacture. My KTM recommends Motorex at 60:1. Big changes in oil ratio will affect jetting. Too much oil can start to burn dirty and deposit carbon in the motor.

  12. Anyone know a good jetting adjustment video?

  13. Look up what pipe you have on it.reeds and so on. Do a plug chop.google it.start with clip in the middle air screw 1 1/2 to 2 turns out

  14. I have the same bike . I run 60:1 amsoil saber . And she runs perfect.

  15. Amsoil Interceptor, 100:1

  16. I run 60:1. Do what you want. You can even go to 80:1 … the Beta and EFI KTM do.

  17. First question is WHY? Use what they recommend 60:1 or 50:1 but would not go lower. The lower specs are for older 2T's and come from mineral rather than synth oil legacy. The new engines want a lean mix. The new TPI's are using 80:1 FI mixes.

  18. I always ran 32:1

  19. 50:1 is kinda Lein

  20. 40:1 is better that's more oil in the gas u need to get away from 50:1 cal unless u wanna burn through top ends

  21. No need to run 40:1 dude. You will have plug problems and will probably oil soak your exhaust packing. Stay at 50:1 better yet run 58:1 like me

  22. I always run 32.1 and for gas I use supreme and amsoil

  23. I have over 160 hrs on my 2014 250sx, been running motorex at 50:1 the whole time, original bottom end, due for its fourth top, still runs sweet and strong, no splooge!

  24. you boys need to go to team green. my 06 250f had a top end at 170hrs and is at 230ish now only done valve clearences stock barrel .compression still at 90% do oils and filters every ride regardless of hrs

  25. 25:1 is more than enough

  26. yes more than enough oil by double!

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