Vertex piston you buy from KTM?


A question for the professional techs in this group: A while back I talked to Wiseco at a trade show and they ended up sending me a brand new top end kit for my KTM 250 for free. All gaskets were included, but the base gasket looked cheap and I wanted to match the OEM thickness anyway. I headed to the KTM shop for a gasket along with my cylinder to get it honed. As the techs were doing the hone, the service manager basically shamed me for even trying a wiseco kit. I told him that I usually stick to OEM (Vertex) but I got this for free so I’m trying it. I also told him that I can get a Vertex piston that is not in an orange KTM box for about half the price, to which he replied “It isn’t the same piston. Those are junk”. On the way out the door, he advised me to clean the powervalve out, but KEEP THE DIAMOND GRIT IN THE BORE to help cut the rings in. The Wiseco instructions say the exact opposite so I removed the grit.

2 questions:

Is the Vertex piston you buy from KTM any different than the vertex piston you buy anywhere else?

Was he trying to sabotage me by telling me to leave the grit in the bore?

Thanks, and sorry for the long read.

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  1. Wow , never go back into that shop ever again

  2. he sounds like an ass hole always clean and oil cylinder

  3. Very mixed feeling among riders an techs as far as wiseco goes. Forged piston will def handle rpms better without cracking that's for sure. I feel that people's bad experience with a lot of parts mostly comes from their own negligence when measuring etc.

  4. DO NOT leave the grit in the bore. That was straight up bad advise.

  5. same piston ive been to plenty of shops like that that they sell the best and are the only ones to have ever done anything correctly

  6. That tech is stupid though. Any grit wat so ever in a bore is detrimental to the coating, sleeve, an piston. Sounds like he was butt hurt u didn't take his advice

  7. I've had great luck with vertex and wiseco. Both top notch. Forged vs cast is another discussion. Both fine just different.

  8. I just redid my top end 15 300xc with wiseco. Everything was fine

  9. Actually any engine work I do I always clean with carb choke cleaner .then wash with hot water and dawn dish soap. A white paper towel should be white when you are clean enough. Lube with some good amsoil and put back together.

  10. Step #1 go home. Step #2 clean that grit out. Step #3 rebuild that motor. Step #4 kick the living crap out of that bike for even considering putting that wiseco top end kit on. Step #5 ride it back to the KTM Shop . And Finally Step #6 walk in, ask to see the manager and then kick him in the balls.

  11. Sorry but that guy's a dumb ass and if he told u that he don't need to be in a shop or trying to badmouth others for his own person gain! Don't go back to a ass hole like that

  12. Sounds to me he wanted you to buy parts from them to over charge you for the pen parts and as for the Wisco kit it's a good one and the vortex piston are probably the same just one is over priced

  13. Looks like that dealer wanted you to ruin the bore and piston so you can get new parts from him. I wasn't sure about Wiseco as never used them before. Pulled the top end apart after 2 years of riding and numerous races and found a wiseco piston already installed. Gonna replace with new Wiseco kit as didn't have any issues beforehand.

  14. Which dealership?

  15. The only way to roll. Just got this delivered today.


  16. That tech sounds stupid and likes dick

  17. sabotage Alessandro Mourad

  18. Leaving grit in is bs,,I d be washing in kero then solvent then applying lots of clean oil on assembly, never had any problems with wiseco, but not sure on these new high performance four strokes,

  19. Leave the grit in the bore????? What a wanker

  20. Snake oil mentality – stay away from that stealer.

  21. My 08 rm 250 had a wiseco piston and rings in it when my buddy had it rode it 3 years with same wiseco piston and rings. And then I bought it off of him and rode it for a year and a half with same piston and rings never missed a beat maybe fouled 2 plugs in 4 years the bikes still on the same top end and runs good to this day my buddy has a 13 yz 250 and he's went through 4-5 top ends in a year and a half and I ran the rm like he does his yz he uses vertex pistons honestly Ive used vertex before there just as good as wiseco but he always stayed toward the leaner the gas side I mix my gas a Lil richer and change bottom end oil every 4-5 hard rides kept air filter clean and changed so far that wiseco piston has maybe 5 years usage on it and still has same compression as the day it was bought off the floor 2nd top end in its life

  22. May aswell put a cap full of sand in for run in. What a cock

  23. Wiseco is good! That guys a liar. No need to hone a new cylinder either.

  24. Runnin wisecos and vertex… coated or uncoated.. vertex has different models of pistons sometimes for different years. Single ring. Twin ring. If u go thru the wiseco catalogue u can get those differences in the wiseco too. Single.. coated. Dual ring. etc.. measuring and putting in the right piston is crucial.

  25. Ive ran both for years in different machines. That leave the grit in the cylinder advice… thats 1 stunned fucker. Really bad advice. 2 strokes need to be spotless. If u wanted grit.. why is there n air filter.

  26. Leaving that paste in would be the same as pouring sand down the spark plug hole and running the engine ! the paste is what cuts the metal whilst honing if it gets in your bearings your engine will be fooooked !

  27. Not a pro just the average guy, but done plenty of rebuilds with wiseco and never had a problem. That's my preferred piston

  28. Nothing wrong with a wiseco. He sounds like a tool.

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