Does anyone know what the Continental Divide?


Hello guys, I have a question. Does anyone know what the Continental Divide, divides?

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  1. It's even worse than that…if you stand on one side of the Continental Divide and try to pee on the other side, it'll hit an "invisible" wall and come back to the side you're standing on. Scientific fact because it's on the internet!

  2. It is where water flows to the eastern or western rivers depending on the side of the divide.

  3. The river flow patterns towards East and West.

  4. The continental. Lol

  5. If you stand at the top of the divide and take a dump, it will roll into the lap of every moron who used that stupid old, unoriginal “pee flows to the coast” analogy. Geez, people don't bother to look at older posts before putting down more of the same stupid shit.

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  8. Where the rain goes

  9. really are you american

  10. It seems one could ask another question here… How many Continental divides are there in a continent?

  11. There are lots of divides where water flows both ways, But there's only one continental divide in North America (a continent), and that divide goes all the way from The northern border of SA to the Arctic Ocean.

  12. I thought it had to do with your tires.

  13. Awesome post, hilarious comments!!!

  14. It is a long chain of mountains that extends through the country, divides the flow of rain water and snow melt.
    If causes water on the west to flow toward the Pacific ocean and water on the east flows toward the Atlantic or gulf of Mexico.

    â—‡ In North America, the Continental Divide is a series of mountain ridges stretching from Alaska to Mexico, marking the separation of drainage basins that empty into the Pacific Ocean or Bering Sea from those that empty into the Arctic or Atlantic Oceans or the Gulf of Mexico. The American Heritage Science Dictionary.

  15. Divides North American up through Canada into east and west. IN the bad weather divides the men from the Boys or the Bikers from the Posers ! Just my take….

  16. Divides the day into good and better…

  17. This where the Divide occurs Continentally.

  18. The continent

  19. I think it means if you pee on the sign half ur pee will hit one foot and half the other.

  20. Yeah, it was 'chilly'.

  21. Duh, were you absent from school that day?

  22. Water runs downhill on one side of the divide it will run to the Gulf of Mexico, on the other side of the divide it will run to the Pacific ocean.

  23. There is a Continental divide in North Dakota where water runs north and south too. North of Carrington.

  24. Water, water, which way to run?

  25. It divides where the watershed drains, to the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean.

  26. Ryan Evans is correct.

  27. John R Anderson is correct…

  28. Over my lifetime I've crossed multiple dozens (perhaps hundreds) of Continental Divides. Most recently about a month ago in Texas.
    The ones in Colorado are waaaaaay prettier…

  29. Has anyone actually ridden the Great continental divide from New Mexico to Canada ?

  30. It's the only place in North America where you can pee into both Oceans without moving your feet. It was a bucket list item.

  31. The direction water flows, either easterly or westerly

  32. Water flow to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans

  33. I'm hoping Arizona from California so we can get some ocean back property over here in the desert

  34. Seriously??

  35. Whenever I leave Denver and cross over the Continental Divide travelling over to the Western Slope and beyond, it throws me off that the rivers are running the wrong way. I wonder if I'll ever get used to it.

  36. I had a teacher in school who said, "There is no such thing as a stupid question." I beg to differ.

  37. Rain water on the east side runs down to the gulf of Mexico. The rain water on the west side runs to the Pacific Ocean.

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  40. For us, it divided the sunny warm air at the bottom form the wet cold air at the top!!

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  42. Wow, so much anger instead of simple answers. it was not a dumb question in any way or form, and it's great to seek knowledge. pity for the people with so much meanness inside of them & enjoy your ride on the continental divide, which is the separation of the 2 main watersheds in the US. One side dumps into the Gulf/ Atlantic Ocean and one side dumps into the Pacific.

  43. Which Divide? There is also an Eastern Continental Divide separating the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean

  44. Remind me to never ask a question on this page. This place is full of hateful trolls. Why bother answering a question you think is stupid with mean-spirited sarcasm when you could just keep scrolling? Because you are here to spread discontent and bad vibes. Go back under your bridge trolls.

  45. The Continental Divide is the principal, and largely mountainous, hydrological divide of America. And it runs from northwestern Canada along the crest of the Rocky Mountains to New Mexico.

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