Does anybody here have severe sleep apnea?


Does anybody here have severe sleep apnea? I have a 3 to 4 night camping trip coming up and I am trying to find an affordable solution to power my machine at night.

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  1. I bought something similar to this:
    Laptop Power Bank 50000mAh Krisdonia Quick Charge Portable Charger with 4 Ports(Type-C Port, DC Port, Dual USB) for Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Macbooks, Cameras(Black)

    It gives me about 2 full nights on my C-PAP that runs on 12v/dc.

  2. We camp in places with electricity…

  3. I purchased a portable CPAP machine two years ago for this very reason. It has a battery that you can charge that will last the night. Below is the model I chose.

  4. My husband uses a CPAP, but we couldn't always find a campground w/ electricity. A friend told me about this contraption from zen-sleep that fits on your tongue.. Husband tried it and guess what! It fricken worked! We were so skeptical,, but it did work. So now we can camp anywhere!

  5. 12 volt cig lighter adapter from cpap manufacturer wired to small 12 volt deep cycle batt. Recharge it in the bike trunk every 3 days.

  6. Can not use the damn thing so I just take naps

  7. I stay where there is electric or sometimes just do not use it on the trip.

  8. I got a battery to run mine. Campground or events we attend are more than willing to charge it each day so that I have a full battery each night. I can get 7 hours, as long as I don't use the humidifier.

  9. I'm on it mow camping in electric site..ext. cord

  10. Z1. Google it

  11. I just pack a long extention cord and make sure I have access to electric.

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