Discoloration on rear rotor


Y’all have any thoughts on the discoloration on my rear rotor? I can only assume something is getting hot, but I couldn’t guess why. The pads are fine, and I honestly don’t use the rear brake all that often.

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  1. Oh wow. That was some high temperature! Red hot. Have’t you never smelled something burning? Did you rent a bike to someone someday? This happens when people don’t know how to properly place feet on pegs. Toes (foot fingers) must be on pegs and when breaking / shifting is needed foot slides forwards and then back. Some people ride “duck style” with heels on pegs and toes flapping in the wind – many times unknowingly pressing the rear brake. Then this happens.

    • Since I’ve had it, the only 2 other people to have ridden it are my dad and my best friend, and neither have done any kind of lengthy rides My dad DEFINITELY wouldn’t have just ridden the brakes. My buddy might have. I’ll check with him tonight how he holds his feet.

    • Also….I know that it’s a language barrier thing, and I 100% promise that I am not intending to be a jerk….but I absolutely love that you call toes “foot fingers”

    • ow sh**. mixed up heels and toes. ? sorry I’m more into technical english than body parts ? Glad it made you laugh ?

  2. Do you have the foot peg lowering kit installed?

    • Not that I know of. I’ve only had the bike a few months. I only just noticed that discoloration.

    • Only reason I ask is I added one, and didn’t adjust things right at first and it caused my rear brake to drag enough to get real hot.

  3. Had that happen, I tend to drag the rear brake a lot, or could you be resting your foot on the pedal (riding the brakes )

  4. You should get in the habit of using the brake every time you stop.

  5. I think it’s brake dust and other junk on it is all. I just went out and snapped this shot of mine and it looks similar. And I don’t drag the brake.

  6. It would be burnt on dust & dirt, do you ride on a lot of dirt roads or trails?

  7. Stop resting your foot on the break pedal very easy to do I’ve done it a few times it gets hot enough to bring the bike to a hault.

  8. I ride with my foot below the brake lever. I’m willing to bet that my buddy is riding the brake, though. He’s used to Harley’s with forward controls.

    • I’m learning to switch from a K Vulcan with footboards myself. Pretty sure I’ve been riding the back break…

  9. Probably right off the mark, but have you had the back wheel off, and switched the spacers/bushes left to right, they are different. Did that one time, can’t remember if it was my Strom or another bike. Put everything back at a push BUT noticed disc not sitting straight/true. Stupid really but haven’t done it since.?

  10. After a ride is the rear brake disc hot? Do you bleed the brakes every once in a while. Bleed the brakes and make sure the right DOT fluid is in there.

  11. Make sure the caliper isn’t sticking.

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