Best Chain For Honda MSX125 Grom


Hello, I need chain advice for Honda MSX125 Grom guys, What’s the best chain?

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  1. I have a ProTaper 023101.

  2. 428 get rid of that shoe string.

  3. This! I wish I did a 428 chain instead of my ek sro chain. But my chain hasn’t stretched yet I have over 1500 miles on it. It stretched after 250 miles but after I tightened it again it’s been gold since.

  4. You can get the same effect with a 420 O Ring. It’s not really necessary to upgrade width.

  5. Yeah that’s what I have now is a 420 ek sro chain.

  6. EK offers an O Ring chain in 420? I had to get an SRT.

  7. Garrett W. Yea it’s called a ek sro

  8. I got an RK no ring for 12 bucks on Amazon. Need to put it on and see.

  9. Plenty of good chains out there….o ring will last longer but weighs more just like a 428 chain does… Stock size I recommend a 420 D.I.D RK Gold 106 link chain its the best non O Ring chain money can buy. Believe it’s a JDM chain as the packaging was all in Japanese. Chain is black, silver, and Gold

  10. Just check out the rating and get one that suits your riding 420 has different rating as does 428 . Example :420V has a tensile strength 3560LBS , 420D 3970LBS tensile strength yet a 420NZ has 4930LBS tensile strength many more rating just giving examples . Same goes with 428 rating you can get a 428D that’s rated for upto 125cc with a tensile strength of 4230LBS lower that’s not going to last on a 125cc and will stretch over one that higher tensile strength say a 428VX 350cc Max with 7420LBS now that you will never be adjusting .

  11. Yay let’s add more rolling resistance on a bike that makes under 10hp ???
    Just buy a ek did or protaper and fucking maintain it. I’m at 2000 miles stock chain the bitch looks brand-new still.

  12. A 420 O Ring chain is lighter than a 428 and still goes thousands without adjustment. No impact on speed.

  13. Regina.. hands down. Made in italy.. not Chinese EVERY OTHER CHAIN..

  14. Did 420nz is my plan for cost/strength. Don’t want heavy/friction sealed chain on the baby bike.

  15. Fleetwood Mac do it best.

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