Did you cut the bracket? (CF MOTO)


For those who’ve done the battery relocate on their zforce. Did u cut the bracket right out after Is the main bar considered structural ? Wondering what everyone else did before I start cutting.

Did you cut the bracket? (CF MOTO)

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  1. Cut it flush both ends. There isnt a brace on the other side of the machine. I did this awhile ago and beat the crap out of my machine, no issues.

  2. Search battery relocate in the search bar at the top of the page.

  3. I cut the plate out but left the bar. Just me tho. Don’t know if that bar actually does anything

  4. I cut it all out, no issues after 2500km

  5. Question. Did the battery fit under the seat with no problem

  6. Do you guys have a diy?

  7. I’d cut just the shelf off only.

  8. I would just cut the tray off. Leave the bar

  9. Just the tray

  10. I left it all in place and put the cover back on it. Personally, I saw no need to cut anything out. but it is your machine so do what you want.

  11. And why should the battery be relocated? Just wondering

  12. From what I have been told it has no frame structure and everyone is cutting it out. The dealer cut mine out to remove the belt and if I would of known that I would had them leave it off and moved my battery. That’s the next thing I do to mine.

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