CFMoto Zforce 800 Plow Kit


Question: I’ve got a CFMoto Zforce 800 and purchased a plow kit (wench operated) and after opening all the boxes and instructions, it states it’s the assemly for a CFMoto Uforce 800 kit, will this plow kit be compatible with my Zforce? I’ve tried calling manufacturer and get no where. Help would be appreciated greatly

CFMoto Zforce 800 Plow Kit

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Answers ( No )

  1. Are there illustrated directions included with the kit. What brand of plow?

  2. Make it fit, alter what needs to be altered, I have a plow on my ZForce 800 trail I got off a totally different machine and just adapted it to fit, it’s not hard

  3. Looks like they gave you the wrong plow. I researched "Pro Plow". They make one specifically for each model….Zforce and UForce. Take it back to wherever you got it….and rip some ass.

  4. Will not interchange but you maybe able to adapt to work

  5. Look at your invoice, if you ordered the right one make them fix it. If you ordered the wrong one see if they will swap the mount out, might have to pay a restock fee but shouldn’t be bad. If you have the tools and ability to fab you can make it work too.

  6. Thanks everyone. It was wrong fit but we will make it work, sending mount plate in for correct plate.

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