Anybody tried using Yamaha rhino axles ?


So question for you guys here, I’ve blown 2 front axle shafts on this thing and dealer wants 280$ a piece. Anybody tried using Yamaha rhino axles ? Do they fit ? Can get both front ones high strength for 150$ just curious if anyone has tried this and been successful 2009 swat 500

Anybody tried using Yamaha rhino axles ?

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Answers ( No )

  1. try eastlake axles or sixity

  2. Any whining from the rear on it? I have a rancher 500 or a cf500-3 and it whines a bit from the rear area

  3. Just got done replacing one, I’m cheap so I just take other broke ones and weld a a slug over the old shafts, there no upgrade parts for these models

  4. So for anyone who was invested in the outcome 2005 yamaha rhino axles fit they were just about 1inch too long so I cut axles down and sleeved them with round tube and bamn 120$ on axles a bit of welding

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