Dhat technology do you swear by?


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For all the tech savvy riders, what technology do you swear by?

Are there go to phone apps for longer trips?

Any for offline maps?

Or die hard open road, no asking for directions?

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  1. I use a road atlas, pick a destination and look for the crookedest roads to get me there!

  2. I use many apps, some more than others. This app has saved me many wet rides and when to put on the rain suit…

  3. Oh and next exit app…I think the Apple one is better than the android one (I have both phones)

  4. You know you can download a map for an area when you know you might not have cell service or to use offline?

  5. WAZE app on my Samsung note 4.
    It tells where red light cameras and police are as well as accidents and cars on side of road.

  6. Google maps suck – you’ll end up on goat paths and gravel roads. Waze is my go to app, but I still carry an Atlas to double-check…wife hates gravel roads. We do a LOT of meandering – picking a direction and just riding using the sun as navigation.

  7. I love using using InRoute to plan/navigate my trips:

    Maps.Me is good for offline:

  8. I just go…..

  9. I like a good atlas, but on long trips stop at welcome centers .they will give you state maps ,derections and maybe tell you of good places to stop.well have a list of campgrounds state parks.most are very good for info

  10. I really like Butler maps for trip planning, I also just got a Garmin 595LM GPS. Some of the capabilities of that unit are amazing. I have unlimited data for my phone, so I have been known to use it for navigation purposes also, on a ram mount on the handlebars.

  11. I have a Garmin 665 which I like a lot but I don’t leave home without my paper maps to muse over in the evenings. Gotta be able to plot and plan 🙂

  12. Some of the truckers apps are good too

  13. Free maps at AAA if you’re a member.

  14. I always download the offline maps. but I use Waze everywhere.

  15. Sena Bluetooth units. That’s about the only "must have" tech for me.

  16. I carry, both state maps, and the years KOA campground book ( cause sometimes, they are private sites but offer KOA to the guide book )

  17. I use http://www.tyretotravel.com & myroute-app & have paper maps

  18. Garmin 660 for routing, Goldwing built in NAV for XM weather radar, and WAZE on my Galaxy S4 for traffic/construction/police reports

  19. WAZE is very good, but you really need you co-pilot to use it.Garmin’s are very good, you can change the setting for back road,HWY ONLY, no tolls ,ect. I also carry a AAA map.When you are at camp you can look at it.Found some nice ways to travel that way.

  20. I’m tech savvy, but old school die hard, a road atlas stays in the saddlebags, thats about it…

  21. I usually just lick my finger and hold it up in the air to check the weather. 😉

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