Tail of the Dragon and Blue Ridge Parkway


We are doing Tail of the Dragon and the Blue Ridge Parkway the end of June, does anyone have any recommendations for decent, cheap places to camp? We will be pulling our Roll A Home and our daughter and son in law will have their Timeout. So we don't need huge sites. It will only be for one night at a time. Thanks

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  1. Iron horse motorcycle lodge, campsites are inexpensive and facilities are wonderful, not to mention the great people there.

  2. Agree with Jeanie Battles Hyatt but MY personal recommendation is BOOK EARLY. If you think you can just roll up and grab a spot, I’m noticing it is getting harder and harder. Seems like MORE people are camping and riding this year which is a good thing but man, it is getting quite crowded. I may just have to open a camp ground soon!

  3. Ironhorse motorcycle lodge. 25 a night. Nice sites.

  4. Iron Horse, no doubt.

  5. Another vote for Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge and campground. Awesome folks and facilities.

  6. The Simple Life Campground. Great people that own it. Very laid back & simple. But they do book up quick. Would highly recommend calling & reserving a spot

  7. kickstand lodge or ironhorse resort

  8. I Ron horse great people there

  9. There is also a Blue Ridge motorcycle campground on hyw 276 off the Blue Ridge parkway.That also is a great ride from Waynesville south and little to no traffic. It also has 2 nice water falls on it just north of Brevard, N.C.

  10. We stayed here last month and loved it. About 4 miles from the Cherohala Skyway.


  11. Thank you everyone I will check them all out

  12. Another Motorcycle Campground off of the Blue Ridge is Willville u0040 Meadows of Dan, NC. There are about three campgrounds right on the Blue Ridge that are reasonable.

  13. Iron Horse or Kickstand Lodge in Tail of Dragon area, the Blue Ridge MC Campground on 276, then Riders Roost farther north by Lenoir, just watch the entry/exit. BearClaw Holler in VA with Cathy J. Reagan.

  14. Blue Ridge motorcycle let campground is right off the parkway….we enjoyed it last year and plan on again in a few weeks

  15. BIG MEADOWS , makes a good spot to ride out NO. end , to Front Royal, Va., we did whole thing , from So. Ga. to Va. This is right on Skyline, has deer in camp, very nice, & they have Gas on the Prkwy, r/t 2194.5 mi, another place , up on p/w is called Crab apple falls,

  16. I usually stay at the next campsite (Lewis Mountain) 7.2 mile south of Big meadows. Lots of trees ! RIght on the Appalachian Trail.

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