What a/c units are most using,size and weight?


What a/c units are most using,size and weight?

What a/c units are most using,size and weight?

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  1. 5,000 btu. No idea on the weight.

  2. 5000 BTU. I have an older unit I bought in 2001 when we got the Kwik Kamp. Does a great job at night to sleep. On 95 and above days it is not as efficient. Weight is around 50 lbs.

  3. Ours is 5000 BTU too, 12 inches high, that was the limit on our available space.

  4. This is the one I have. 40lbs

  5. Yeah during the day if it’s hot with the sun beating down it doesn’t do much. At night it’s great tho

  6. Mine is about this wide
    This tall
    This deep.
    And takes both hands to handle it
    OBTW.. 5000btu

  7. 5000 btu LG brand unit pulling 440 Watts starting and approximately 375 watts running. …if that much….powered by a Honda EX 1000 older generator. …nice and quiet for the neighbors camping nearby. …cools my small Kwik-Kamp tent trailer just fine….and they both just fit for height in the bottom storage area perfectly. …

  8. Same as everyone else

  9. Hey! That setup looks JUST LIKE one at the Iron Horse the other weekend! How are you all doing ?

  10. We use jug of ice water and a battery operate fan less than a pound!

  11. An Avg. 5000btu Windowshaker is about 44lbs a stand up 8000btu is about 54lbs

  12. 5000 BTU 115v at Walmart for $ 126.00 we just replaced ours after 18 yrs use out of the last one. Don’t get one that is remote control only. Our lesson learned. 😉

  13. Jerry I also had a sheet metal box made to store it in (water proof) and to use as a stand when in use. Put handles on box to tote.

  14. I was thinking about trying a Noria unit? Not sure if it would work with my camper or not?

  15. 8000 btu from WalMart

  16. 5000 BTU from Lowes. 35 lbs

  17. Fridgidaire 5K BTU, wt. 38 lbs, I think?

  18. Its called "camping" for several reasons, no power, no running water, no a/c etc. I leave those comforts at home.

  19. We haven’t needed one but are looking at doing a trip west and curious.

  20. AC? You’re in a tent!

  21. I have gone from sleeping on an old green wool army Blanket ( NO TENT ) to Having every kind of tent ( yes have had the zipper freeze ) (livestock walk and lay half on tent to keep warm), popup to Class A Bus.( Have a 5th wheel now) I live in FL and unless you love biting BUGS and extreme heat in the summer ac is almost a must. If you camp in the Keys as much as i do YES to AC. A number of tent makers have an AC "port".It is like RIDING your motorcycle, all kinds of machines but the riders are having a good time. The point to all this is to get out and have a good time. I am at the age now that I get more invite’s to funerals than Weddings

  22. Hey Jerry! We’ve got a Frigidaire 5k BTU. weighs 49#. works great! set ii on a plastic crate that’s cut down to fit the Aspen A/C boot.

  23. Thanks folks.I guess my main question was weight.Sounds like they are all 45 to 50 pounds.

  24. That’s pretty much what we found in our research.

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