Changed the coolant on my 2012 R1


Just a quick question, so I changed the coolant on my 2012 r1 and my Temps are more than normal but I didn't know if I did a sufficient job removing all the air from the system. How will I know if I got it all out? How can i ensure its all out?

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  1. Is your overflow bottle dry? If so, then your don’t have enough coolant.

  2. If you had a big air pocket it would overheat

  3. Take the radiator cap off, leave it on the kickstand, run it, squeeze all the tubes.

  4. / i second this

  5. Something ive done with my cars was find the highest point possible on a hard line in my case and put a valve there to bleed off air. Some newer vehicles have done this from the factory in the intake or thermo housing.

  6. Stock stuff is awesome! Best get some Yamacool, only way to bring the temp back to normal..

  7. I will purchase the yamacool next

  8. Believe it or not the genuine coolant is best, I tried the ice coolant and it runs hotter than the factory coolant too, so don’t worry too much

  9. Yamacool is what I use to. Paired with motul

  10. Combo of distilled water yamahcool and water wetter, my 2010 r6 would run about 12-15 degrees cooler, and same thing in my 2012 r1 runs 10- 12 degrees lower.
    During summer I run distilled water and water wetter and both bikes are about 18-22 degrees cooler!!!

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