R1 started to show the oil light


I got a question my R1 started to show the oil light.. Once in awhile stays on for a minute or less and goes away… I have plenty of oil in it. It's done it at high speed and at 45 miles an hour.. What can that be… Is my first Yamaha… So I'm not too familiar with Yamaha's I had a Suzuki before with the same issue but it was related to the kick stand…. Please help me out

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  1. Your Suzuki oil light problem was related to the kickstand? Figures LOLOL

  2. My 07 does the same thing if I hit the highway hard right away with no warm up time. Haven’t come up with an answer yet. Doesn’t make any noise or performance issues, just the stupid light. Usually goes off in a minute or less.

  3. Sensor…. or maybe oil to thick not getting up the top maybe

  4. Probably a bad sender…..

  5. It’s a common issue, if the oil level is ok in sight glass then don’t be concerned (unless it’s a 15 r1 which has an oil pressure sensor, then I would be concerned)

  6. Are you running 10/40 semi synth. My 98 R1 did that on fully synth but not on semi 10/40 when it was correctly filled

  7. Steve Blackraven can you help him?

  8. Thank you guys… So if I got oil and not having performance issues keep rolling….

  9. I love this Biatch fuck Suzuki

  10. My 09 did it while racing and riding track days or extended mountain runs. No need for concern as long as you have oil.
    But seeing it light up mid corner in your peripheral vision sure screws with your head.

  11. My 09 does that after about 50 seconds of a wheelie or if I’m ripping too hard for too long. I overfilled the oil just a little bit and it stopped coming on even for 1 minute+ wheelies.

  12. It happens a lot. Just make sure you have the proper oil amount in the sight glass and don’t worry about it

  13. They have a float not a sensor an the floats stick an makes your light go off

  14. Its fine..mine does the same.. 14 r1 here..

  15. On my 5vy my oil light would come on but only at very high speeds. I could only hold my speed for a good 5 seconds before the light would come on. Obviously as soon as the light comes on i let off for fear of hurting my engine.

    I checked my oil levels. They were good but I changed the oil and filter anyway. Well that didn’t fix the problem. The bike was running great aside from that issue.

    Not too long after that I’m servicing my stator. Long story short I drop something down the crank case like a reree, forced to drop the exhaust and oil pan. While I’m in the I inspected the oil pick up tube and the screen was packed full of clutch particles and chunks!!

    So…..yea check that lol

  16. Oh shit now u scaring me

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