Can Am Defender bogged down.


Hey guys quick question? Yesterday I was out in the middle of no where on my 19 and was headed back towards the truck and the machine bogged down almost like it was out of gas and I was still on half a tank. Would start after that and would bog down to pretty much idle with the check engine coming on and off. I tried pulling the cap looking for a vapor locked pump but it did no good. I’m thinking maybe the the pump filter is clogged anyone ever had this happen?

Can Am Defender bogged down.

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  1. Happened on my 18 lone star then it would run like it was running out of gas and it would run fine at a idol…. come to find out it was the fuel pump going out

  2. Did it go into limp mode? Had a 19 HD 10 at work that did that with 10 hours on it. Dealer replaced the O2 sensor.

  3. Look to see if the exhaust swole up?

  4. Like the muffler?

  5. Colton Ridgway, it is definitely your fuel filter on the fuel pump. Had to change mine on the ’19 that I have. Less than 300 hours. It’s the ethanol fuel that is the issue. Dealer said make sure to use a fuel stabilizer or a non ethanol fuel. Think you can order the sock filter online for your pump. I had dealer replace the while thing on mine as it was computer coding that other sensors were the issue. Turns out all it was, was the fuel filter pump.

  6. Colton Ridgway hey man i sent you a pm. Got a question for you.

  7. Check spark arrestor

  8. I’ll check it out Troy Trboyevich

  9. Off topic but what kind of windshield is that ? Thanks.

  10. My 18 , 6 month after it was new had the fuel pump burn out did the same thing. Let it sit for a half hour and it would be fine till it heated up again always have over a half tank in my turd..

  11. I think I’m gonna try to just put a new fuel pump and clean the tank!

  12. I just went through that for almost 4 month
    Good luck with that.

  13. Check your gas vent hose. Could be an easy fix. Try taking you gas cap off. If that fixes it your vent hose is pinched or clogged

  14. Check the fuel pump I believe they had a recall for this

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