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Okay guys got a question the recall for the vapor lock was that for a 2019 800 XC ask my dealer on the first service and said they had no recall but two weeks later I went trail riding Road fine all day Thursday Friday we topped off rode all day came back to camp last mile and a half about four bars on fuel and kept stalling out last mile open cap up got a whoosh fueled up the next morning and no problems all day last mile back kept stalling out what about 60 miles on it each day regular stops haven’t had any issues since then

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  1. I have a 2019 800xc my dealer hadn’t heard of any recalls but he did take the admissions off. I never had an issue but nice to have it gone from what I’ve been reading on here.

    • yeah I got it in June haven’t had any issues I had to previous trips of that didn’t have any issues like that bought it new in June maybe it’s cuz I topped it off to the cat both days so the next day and ran great all day started right up no problem to load up head home next day

    • technically there is no recall. Cfmoto issued a service notice and instructions on how to resolve performance complaints on 2020 cforce 400/500 and 2019-2020 800XC

  2. It has affected several 19 800XC that we have seen. You can do it yourself. Message me and I can send you the bulletin. Very easy to do.

  3. It happen on my 2020 800xc the first weekend I took it out on the trails. Got it back to the cabin and did the evap mod myself and was riding again the next day. Have had no issues since then. Its easy to do

  4. Happened to mine when i first bought it, but i believe it was altitude. Sent the board off for adjustment. Haven’t had an issue since and been over 11k feet multiple times.

  5. i had that issue on my 2019 800 and the dealer fixed it free

  6. My 2020 does it also when the tank gets down under half. Not sure if there is a recall yet, but going to mention it when it goes for next service

  7. That might be because they didn’t do a formal “recall”. However, dealers and service providers in most markets received a Technical Bulletin for a non-recall fix. I just did it myself.

  8. Same here did it myself

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