Cforce 1000 38 MPH Limit


Been out a few times on my cforce 1000 it seems to be limited to 38mph ??? Is there anyway of removing that cheers

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  1. Put it in high gear

    • that is in high gear I’ve only done 110 miles on it so far don’t get me wrong it feels unstable at 38mph but feels like it has so much more to give

    • I have the 2020 CForce 600 and I have hit 57 on my street. There has to be something going on there with your machine

  2. Thats slow in high gear. My new 600 touring runs more and im on 20miles sofar while its still limited on hp until first service.

    • Ahhhh that might be why then as mines new an not due it’s first service for another 130 miles so they might take it off then

    • yeah it migh be. There is a screw behind gas that can be opened up. Aparently there are 2 limiters, one there behind gas that you can easy unscrew and another one on carbonator i think but im not sure about that one.

    • Thanks buddy

    • check in the manuall, on some page it says about that screw on behind gas and how to.

    • doesn’t make any sense as to why a limiter would be installed on the new machines. I have the 2020 CForce 600 and have hit 57 on my street. I bought the quad in September and I don’t have any issues with speed or power

    • thats my topspeed to on new one. But it can be even more open up. I think i have 23,3Kw / 90km/h now but i can have it open to around 30kw at first service and it will top 100km/h

    • ok I understand what you have said but what I’m saying is that I never had any issues reaching top speed since the day I brought it home. Why would they put a speed limiter on some machines and not all of them. Doesn’t make much sense to me

    • I’ve done my home work in this now Some come with off road Ecu that means there no limit but some come with limited Ecu because different country’s have different laws on what you can and can’t drive on different license categories

    • good question 😁 I have no clue But it could be reduced with gas screw or they Just forgot to setup it

  3. I had to buy an cdi unit for mine … u got to run the quad in first do around 500miles then install one

  4. Wow if they actually put a speed limiter on from the factory and you can’t exceed that speed without a trip to the dealer or completing a “break in” period that’s stupid, glad I bought a brand that doesn’t dictate how I can use my own machine that I bought with my own money.

    • think it’s just more of a case that most engines should have a small period to run in properly I don’t see it as stupid I find it quite sensible to but honest be just my opinion mate

    • honeslty in my opinion, break in period is bs, iv’e owned loads of brand new atvs, snowmobiles,motorcycles and cars and have never ever ever had an engine fail on me. plus every engine is dynoed before installation at the factory, they rev the motors right up to red line for a solid minute or longer, the way you “break in” a motor is by revving the piss out it to mate the rings to the cylinder, and that is all done at the factory. they just say do a break in period because it gives you a chance to get used to the machine, could you imagine how many lawsuits they would have if they said “drive the snot out of it” lol this is a great video i recommend watching it when you have the time

  5. Jp is limited to 60km/h(38mil/h) it is a tractor version(t3b), my is L7e version and is limited to 90km/h.. there is a software limitation in.. in Service shop could remove it..

  6. After first service you can ask the dealer to remove the speed limit witch can be sorted with a new software to cdi,he mai charge you for this, my cousin bought one cf1000 ,and he spoke with dealer about speed limited before to buy
    it,and the dealer promise to him that will be removed at first service for free ,some dealers don’t say anything about that and when you ask to remove it after you buyed ,they charge you

  7. It’s probably supposed to be limited to 60kmh/38mph. They are all speed limited in europe by law.
    At least those registered on road plates.

  8. My 500 does 113kms

  9. Hi Jack I have the very same model as you all be it in Portugal, 2020 cforce 1000 mine has just had its ecu swapped from original all done at 500kms at the dealer think ecu was about€300 bought through dealer honestly hated it in restricted mode but believe me it’s worth the wait it’s a absolute beast 120km with acceleration from the vtwin there’s no ecu remap for 2020 version it’s ecu swap earlier models I believe could be flashed I also decided against DIY as not affect warranty hope this helps and look forward to unleashing the Beast. 👍✊😂

  10. Hit 81mph on my 900 today. Sucks to be you!

  11. Spoken to cf moto! An I’ve done my home work on this now Some come with off road Ecu that means there no limit but some come with limited Ecu because different country’s have different laws on what you can and can’t drive on different license categories.

  12. Last word on this….the country/market that this gentleman lives in, CFMOTO has to import the ATVs with speed restrictions built-in to be able to sell them there. There’s no issue to solve, cuz they’re built that way.

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