CForce 800 Emergency Break P Symbol


My little red emergency break P symbol will not go off on my cforce 800, has anyone had this issue?

David 2 years 17 Answers 542 views 0

Answers ( 17 )

  1. Check your brake fluid or if your parking brake is stuck.

  2. I believe there’s 2 places for brake fluid. Under the seat, and on the right handlebar. Im not in front of mine, so i can’t confirm that at the moment

  3. Does it shut off when you set the brake? I had a customers 800 that had a switch that operated in reverse.

  4. heh, typical cf issue – open and close the hand lever tank and it will be ok 🙂

  5. t’s the button behind the E brake. Mine was stuck as well. It’s the black lever on the right handle bar. When you pull it out to set it it will activate. When you release it it should go off. There’s a tiny switch you will see it wiggle it it will release. Then put di electric grease in there. It’s plastic on plastic and gets stuck no biggie.

  6. Thanks to everyone who reached out, was able to fix the minor issue today
    little metal piece that the break latch meets was actually sticking. Real easy

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