CF MOTO Z8 or Z10?


Anyone with a Z8 wish they would have got the Z10? I’m back and forth


Jason Spickler
I have drove the 800ex and I bought a 1000. The 1000 has a lot of power! If your going to do just trail riding you don’t need the power of the 1000 but it nice to have!

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  1. Happy with mine

  2. Happy with my z8, personally I like waiting a year or so after a new model to see if they have bugs to work out

  3. I love both of my 800’s!

  4. I’m good.

  5. Nope, I’m good with my z8

  6. Good with my Z8 although I want a set of the doors.

  7. I always wish for more.. but in reality, for my needs, the 800 is just fine. But I will say if I ever blow this 800, I might be real tempted to get a crate 1000 and adapt it in…lol Never hurts to have too much. A Z1000 trail! 😛

  8. What’s the Z 10 ??

  9. Saw one report of half the fuel mileage of the 800. Need more info.

  10. I have a Z6 and wish I had a Z8… lol. But I only paid $1000 so not complaining that much.

  11. I put 200 miles on a brand new 800 when I get my 1000 I’ll let y’all know if it’s easier or harder on fuel and by the way I don’t drive like that cutting circles that’s hard on anything but sure look like fun

  12. Wish they had the Z8 when I got my Z6 but I’m still loving it

  13. Love my Z8 works for me just want the half doors

  14. For all the fuel comments, I’ve never even though about fuel mileage. Just ride and have fun!

  15. Wish they offered it in a trail model

  16. No, just wished I had gone with a RZR

  17. Hummm. I think i should of waited the 4 months…

  18. Ok…now that some in the US have bought some, what is the final OTD prices?

  19. $14k + DMV fees for your state. Also freight and prep fees if your dealer charges them. Doc fees etc.

  20. That is where they would start.

  21. My OTD price for my Z1000 was 16.2k, but I have rock sliders, custom front & rear bumpers, and 2.5\

  22. Saw a guy advertising 2017 Z800 for $9500 here in Canada and others at $13495

  23. If you have the money why a question

  24. Well, according to initial reports the 1000 gets pretty awful mileage so that’s a consideration when the question is hot rod around for a short trip or make it all the way on a long one.\nThen there’s the fact they don’t appear to offer the 1000 in a 50\

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