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I need some help. So…. Going to go purchase a machine next week. Torn between the commander 800 DPS, and ZForce 800 ex eps. As with any purchase, I’ve spent over 100 hours reading and watching everything I possibly can about each. I think I know each strong and weak point to each machine! I can definitely tell you every spec imaginable! Money isn’t much of a factor, as both run about the same, with Can Am having a few less add on options. I’ve loved my Can Am Atv’s in the past, but have grown to hate the Visco Lock system. I’m only using here at the house, to navigate a little over 120 acres. Mostly slow, technical type of riding. May go to Hatfield McCoy on occasion. Me and wife, no jumping, and no more intentional mud bogs beyond stuff on the trails. Any insight and thoughts? This is just something for the wife and I to spend some time out with ourselves and friends on occasion. So…. 2018 Z8 Ex Eps, or Commander 800R. Not worried about the 0-60 times, or jumping sand dunes. Just Eastern Ohio hills behind my house! Dependability is most important, and I have all the mechanical skills I would ever need, but prefer riding over wrenching!

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  1. Love our ZForce 800 EX EPS no problems

  2. We race a Renegade 1000 and a ZForce 800. I would buy the CFMoto to ride any day over the CanAm.

  3. i did as much research as you before my purchase. The Cf Moto is a better built machine and offers way more bang for the buck. The only issue I have seen is the dealers being the make or break points. If the dealers don’t do good work and really don’t care the customer ends up not being happy, the sad part is it is not the product that is the culprit. With that being said Mathews Motorsports of Yuba City is 100% customer focused and that is thankfully where I purchased my CF Moto Z Force 800 non EPS. I love it, I have had zero problems and it amazes all the people I ride with after finding out it is a Chinese brand and inexpensive, not cheap. Good luck with your purchase!

  4. Both good machines but the can am is a lot more$. I’m just not a fan of viscoloc. I’d rather choose when I want diff locked. Can am is also alittle bigger.

  5. Thanks Brien Whitlock. That’s the impression I’ve gotten. People either have 110% satisfied with the dealer after purchase, or hate them! I have Athens sport cycles that sells a wide variety of machines and Harley Davidson…. And another place in Belpre that shows up and I’ve confirme Thanks Brien Whitlock. That’s the impression I’ve gotten. People either have 110% satisfied with the dealer after purchase, or hate them! I have Athens sport cycles that sells a wide variety of machines and Harley Davidson…. And another place in Belpre that shows up and I’ve confirmed over phone they sell them. Maybe I should go “browse”, and get a feel for the place and people….. I don’t know if there is a way to actually know what kind of service you will get after the sell though. Each is just 35 minutes in opposite directions.d over phone they sell them. Maybe I should go \

  6. Ask them what they do when they deliver. Ask them if they have seen any problems with the machines and if they rectify them. For example replacing the paper filter with a dual stage oiled. Ask about the warranty and the extension options, it has the best warranty in the industry, another point I missed.

  7. If they are a Harley dealer ask them why they chose to sell the CF Moto brand? Most people that research a quality product can see the little details. For me it was the zerk fittings on every suspension point. That is an expensive detail for a manufacturer to have installed from a production aspect but CF Moto does it. How many other big guys have those fittings?

  8. I will also add, I’m not brand loyal or bias. I beat the crap out of my machine but I take care of it as well. I have not regretted my purchase at all and I use to consider a UTV as a waste of money compared to buying a Jeep. I now rescind that statement. Lol

  9. 3000 trouble free hard but taking care of it miles on a 2015 800EX

  10. I chose the Z Force 800 EPS over the Commander 800R because of the add on features that came stock. I didn’t want to have to add on a roof and winch and upgrade to power steering. Almost a year later I’m really happy with my ’17 Z Force, coming from a ’13 Commander 800R.

  11. Frank Herald if you want a decked out Zforce 800 ex I am thinking about selling mine. The wife and I are trying to have another baby and mine is going to end up not getting used very much. \n\nIt is a 2016 800 EX That has around $6k – $7k in upgrades done to it. It has 290 miles. If you are interested we could discuss price and all upgrades.

  12. If its a toss up, go with whichever has more options. Imo

  13. When I go out with the Gators they use almost 3/4 tank of gas out of the 7 lights on the dash I use 1 maybe 2 go out so good on gas only money spent on the machine

  14. You will be a lot happier with the cfmoto and have a lot more beer money

  15. If you do low range work or need average tow power (other SxS or quads even single axle trailers) then I love the low range and true 4×4 lock I’m mine

  16. I agree with earlier statements the dealer make a huge difference but will add so does personal maintenance I can tell you I have a 2017 800zforce we put 800 on it last year and not one issue but I am very picky about my maintenance the other factor is comfort if you say it is just you and your wife sit in them both test drive them you will know I personally would go CFMOTO for the extras and the price lol I also have friends with Can Ams and I can tell you that they are not near as easy to do oil changes on as the CFMOTO good luck with your purchase and please let us know what you decide

  17. My bother and me both bought the CFMOTO 800 ZFORCE and I got tired of having to take it in and get fixed and it’s hard to find dealerships I went to a yamaha YXZ put on over 3,000 miles on and not a problem the ZFORCE I had in 3 times befor I had 2,500 and my brother just got his out for three 4th time and he has 2,000 on his Cfmoto are cheep for a reason go on the FB page for them get some good talk abought them befor you buy P.S you can’t go wrong with the YXZ 1000 ss

  18. Guys, I really appreciate the insight! I too, am not brain washed into thinking I have to spend more money to get a quality ride. Seems as if a large part of the earlier problems have been addressed, and others seem to be an easy fix. I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll be going to both dealers to try and get a feel of how they are. I’m very good with keeping my cars/trucks/toys up on maintenance.

  19. All I can say is that, I have over 12,000 miles on my UForce 800 and still love it.

  20. Good luck Frank Herald

  21. Got a question where are the Cfmoto machines made

  22. There has been a lot of good points made here. I ended up trading my Z8 in on a Maverick. Why? Throttle response, parts/accessories and constant (i mean like every trip) maintenance. Same dealer for me, not a real great one though. The Z8 had a lot of great things, ill start there: Once i got the suspension panned out, it rode amazing. The power steering is predictable and responsive. The seating position amd control layout was comfortable. Full locker is great, factory winch is great, factory roof is great. So some bad: i would find bolts backed out all time. Had a “thunk” in the front end, the a arm bolts had backed out and wollered out the mounting holes. The throttle response was terrible (clutching/weights). My fan thermoswitch went bad and even through the dealer it took a long time to get the part. I ended up wiring in an override switch. Thermostat housing started leaking. The intake is in an absolutely terrible place. It sucks up dirt from the back tires. I had to swap the air filter to a Uni because mine fell apart in the box and built a snorkel to pull air from up by the roll bar. Aftermarket support is not great.
    So with the Maverick, a lot less to bitch about but mine ate 2 belts in 200 miles and Can Am told me it was my fault. The Viso locker sucks but there a couple of aftermarket options. The dps is awesome. Aftermarket support is great.
    So the commander is more like the Uforce than the Z8. A work/play machine. So, good storage, dump bed for materials is nice, good aftermarket parts.
    Bottom line, if you are mechanically oriented and fix things and wont make a lot of changes, the CFMoto is great bang for the buck. If you don’t like working on it and want to chamge some things to fit your function and taste, commander all the way.
    Side note: If Can Am still made the Commander X (not the XT) or you can find one for sale, Commander X, easy choice.

  23. The water pump seal and thermostat problems have been eliminated in mid 2017 models. Brakes are much improved in new Uforce. We have never had a problem with the filters, as we dont have much dust, but switching to a Uni is advised. Problems with bolts backing out have been addressed in newer models, as far as I can tell. I am hoping for the early release of the Z-prototype shown above, but with each new model comes production problems. Happens with all manufacturers. New U1000 with bench seat may show up this summer– or fall–

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