CF MOTO Iron Baltic Skid Plate


Just found out my Iron Baltic skid plate kit should be here by the 8th stock plate didn’t hold up to well in West Virginia Hatfield McCoy trails 🤬

CF MOTO Iron Baltic Skid Plate

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  1. Better off with plywood then stock skid

  2. Just broke mine on my 800 . Where did you order it from ?

  3. Stock plastic skid plates are nothing more than dirt deflectors. May as well not have them for all they do.

  4. I got the aluminum kit from Offroad armor

  5. Very pleased with the Iron Baltic products on my 800XC. I’m in WV also, a few hours from Hatfield/McCoy though.

  6. IB plates are the best

  7. Iron Baltic. Plastic ones though. Very thick and tuff

  8. Can’t wait to run my IB plastics through the paces.

  9. Are the iron ballistics plastic ones equal to the aluminum ones? What’s the difference besides the obvious?

  10. I have the Rival aluminum on my 800xc

  11. Dumb question but I take it the new plastic is better then the stock oem? I was a little hesitant about the iron plastic vs oem.

  12. Ok I’m hooked, I’m going to go with the plastic as I like the black color, light weight and thicker. So for ordering, which model do you choose for a 2020 800xc? I see two options x8 and lux.

  13. I broke mine in two days. Got a warranty replacement and broke it in three. Gave up after that

  14. The stock skid plate is just christmas wrapping for the frame. You have a good plate coming, I have an Iron Baltic on my ATV. I have a Ricochet with plastic center on my CF Moto. Don’t go cheap on a skid plate, not a place to save money. 🙂 In the meantime you can stretch some Saran wrap over the frame for a temporary skid plate that’s as good as the stock one.

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