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Okay, this is an OCD Question. I have been procrastinating wiring up light bar and pods front and rear. Here in lies my conundrum. I REALLY like clean wiring. So I wont run wires in the open if I dont have to. So can I splice as fuse block and 30amp breaker/disconnect (for the winch) into the winch wires going to the battery. Then wire the lights/ dash switches/relays off of this block. This would make all the wiring be up front and not scattered throughout the machine. Thank You in advance.

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  1. I want to find the main power coming into the fuse box and wire a separate fuse block for acc. If I figure that out I’ll post it

  2. On the z1000 there is a fuse block under the hood. I found a spare fuse that is keyed with the ignition and tapped off that, simple.

  3. I ran two wires from the battery to a toggle switch to this fuse block! Works awesome plus I have more spots to hook up other shit and have it own fuse

  4. Connect a relay to the ignition and have your acc source connect to the contact on the relay to feed your fuse block

  5. im doing the same now but using battery cut off switch so i can kill power to fuse block from second battery

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