2020 CForce 600 LED Installing


I have a 2020 CForce 600

So I’m looking to install some Led Lights in the rear by the license plate on the round tube for when I’m in reverse. Mainly for when I’m snow plowing the driveway.

My question is, has anyone installed these and TAPPED THEM INTO THEIR REVERSE LIGHTS, DIRECTLY INTO THE REVERSE LIGHT WIRE ? If so can you point me in the right direction as to which wire it needs to be tapped into for positive and negative?

When looking behind the rear rights I see 4 small wires going into the tail lights.

Also if this approach is something I shouldn’t do then which way would be best for wiring them up.

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  1. I would be worried about the extra current draw of the additional lights. I would power the additional lights with a relay and use the backup light wires to activate the relay.

  2. Jim I think you could do it, it’s easier than it sounds. I want more light while backing up as well.

  3. Possibility of a signal in the trailer harness not sure. If not use a relay to actuate the light off factory signal so current draw will not increase.

  4. Maybe someone could make a simple diagram with a relay and post

  5. I put a set on my Z

  6. Before you do anything go buy yourself a good test light with a Polarity light in it to tell you what wire is hot and ground. Learn how to use it or stop doing wiring.

  7. Don’t use an LED test light.
    They don’t load the Circuit

  8. I’d look for the gear position sensor and then tap into the reverse position wire so the lights come on automatically when in reverse.
    Not sure the color of the reverse wire for cforce models but on the older zforce models it was the Blue/white wire.

  9. Just hook your led lights to whatever wire powers up when your in reverse. Led lights have incredibly low amp draw, especially compared to incandesant lights.

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