Bunkhouse LX owners


Question for Bunkhouse LX owners: Do you have the same gap on your trailer? This is on the side where the bed hinge is. Can you take pictures and post them please? I can't get it to stop moving around at highway speeds and think this may be the cause.

 Bunkhouse LX owners

 Bunkhouse LX owners

 Bunkhouse LX owners

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  1. I want to know if that’s normal before I call them.

  2. that’s nice in the rain everything wet when you get there! I’m sure this is not right

  3. I don’t even need to wait for others to post.
    Its NOT supposed to be open like that. It is supposed to seal out water. You’re won’t.

    How old is it?

  4. About a month and a half old. It was like that when I bought it but it just doesn’t seem right.

  5. It’s definitely messed up, you should not have a gap there

  6. OK John, then you need to contact them ASAP.
    It is NOT supposed to be like that.

  7. John, I’ve got a S.E. Premium Bunkhouse, but it’s the same basic camper shell. As far as the water guys – it will not leak as the cover fits over this seam. As far as it moving, My matress has velcrow that holds it in place. I’m gonna go look at mine now, but from your pic, it appears yours is touching at the end & gapped in the middle.

  8. I’ve driven through rain with it and nothing got wet.

    Thanks guys! I’ve contacted them and sent the pics. We’ll see what they say.

  9. You can see from the pic, my lid closes on top of the friberglass shell; making a watertight seal.

  10. Looks like your mattress frame was bolted too far in on your base shell.

  11. Did you p/u at the factory in Chicago or have it shipped (knocked down) & bolt it together yourself ?

  12. I picked it up at The Jacksboro, TN plant. It bows out where the wheel is so I think there would still be a gap… Thanks for the pics!

  13. The unofficial word from them is that there’s a small gap on all of them! They’re going to call tomorrow with an official resolution. Can I get more pics (the newer the better) so I can get some ammo ready? Thanks!

  14. So now, what is moving around at highway speeds?

  15. The whole trailer dances around at 70 mph.

  16. I’ve tried getting the tongue weight correct with three scales. I bought a stiffer hitch for my bike. I took the spare wheel off of the back of the trailer because BH said it would cause it to dance (move around). Measures to make sure the wheels were evenly spaced from the tongue… It’s perfect up to highway speeds. How fast do you guys cruise when you’re pulling the loaded BH?

  17. Wow ! Ok, not sure what hitch u got, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Yeah, the spare might cause a problem on the back; I store mine in a molded depression they made for that purpose in the bottom of the base shell (centered left to right & over the axle). My Bunkhouse is a 2003 model & I picked it up in Chi-town; that was the only location back then, & I bought the best one they made (they offered a 7′ x 14′ attachable den, which I also bought). The last time I pulled it we went up I-75; the speed limit is 75 m.p.h. so I was going about 80-85 m.p.h. No issues… until… the left tire went flat! Fortunately, we were close to an exit with a tire shop, so I eased in there & discovered the valve stem was the culprit – I went ahead & replaced both; this seems to be a problem with tires on vehicles that tend to "sit’ for a prolonged period of time (I had the same issue with my 31′ camper & my ’64 Mustang). Anyway, as far as towing speeds: pretty much as fast as I want to pull it with my Nomad. I’m towing mine with a Kawasaki ‘Nomad’ 1500 cc that weights 850 lbs.; I always check my bikes tire pressure & set my rear shocks to the heaviest setting & have no problem towing it even with a passenger. What bike are you towing yours with? I’ve had a lot of other bikers ask about how it is to tow, & I’ll tell you like I told them, the Bunkhouse actually sorta ‘stabilizes’ the bike. It tracks true & straight with no issues; also towed it a few times with my Chevy Suburban & it towed great at any speed. Low tire pressure can cause a trailer to "fishtail" or, "dance around". Your tongue weight is usually about 10u0025 of your total trailer weight (mfg. dry weight + gear). My Bunkhouse weights 350 lbs. + About 150 lbs. of gear, so I’m looking at about 50 lbs. tongue force. You shouldn’t see much more than that so, tongue weight shouldn’t be the problem. You might want to make sure you have all your gear weight evenly dispersed with the heaviest items in the center over the axle; that’s where I always store my small a/c (in the depression they created for the spare tire, moving the spare back to offset the added weight). Hope this helps.

    Gene in South Georgia.

  18. Tongue weight is too light OR your hitch is set too low. I used to pull mine at 80mph on interstates. As wind rushes over the top of the trailer, if the trailer is sitting on a downward slant – the wind will "push" on the back, thus taking weight off the hitch. So, either raise the hitch or put more weight on the tongue.

  19. I agree with Dan Spotten. However, don’t raise the tongue to high or you’ll have the same problem. Either level, or slightly low. Aproximately 60u0025 weight should be forward of the axle.

  20. Hhhmmm I thought it was 15-20u0025 of the weight should be on the tongue. That’s the best it’s ridden for me anyway, I shoot for 17u0025.

  21. True, on the tongue. I know it sounds strange, but the math works out. What size wheels does the trailer have on it?

  22. They make long shank hitches. Get the thing level, you’ll notice a huge difference at speed. Don’t know the math, but I know what works and what doesn’t.

  23. 20u0025 is way too high for tongue weight. Any properly built trailer with the axle located corectly using the formula: find the centerline of the trailer frame, move the axle towards the rear of the frame 1.2" for every foot of overall frame lenth, would be 10-12u0025 tongue weight of total trailer weight. I just weighed my Bunkhouse tongue weight & it came in u0040 45.4 lbs. (10u0025 of its current total weight-I don’t have the a/c loaded right now). Heavy loading the tongue would push down on the rear tire & lift the front tire, possibly causing the whole rig to "fishtail" at higher speeds; especially a bike, with it’s lessened tire surface traction. Even if the trailer is properly built, you still must evenly balance your load.

  24. Steve Blood commented that 60u0025 weight should be forward of the axle. That is exactlly 10u0025 tongue weight.

  25. No matter what my load is i put 20 to 25 # on hitch, no wobble and pulls nice and straight even in cross winds.

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