Just got a new camper


Thank you for the add. New to motorcycle camping. Just got a new camper

Just got a new camper

Just got a new camper

Just got a new camper

Just got a new camper

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  1. Almost crashed in it tonight with the old lady in the driveway just to do it

  2. Man what make and model this ? Looks cool …..

  3. Welcome from Athens, Alabama.

  4. It is a time out camper

  5. we just bought a used Timeout with the garage OMG so huge an so easy to tow on softail

  6. Welcome frome Lakeland, Florida.

  7. We love our Time-Out. Couple tips. Get the free standing base for the table. Sliding that table to one side makes so much more room and makes it easier to get in/out.

    If you want more storage, get a couple of those black/yellow 27 gallon bins. We use these to store the AC unit and also the add-a-room. In fact we use 4 of them. Two stacked so we have extra storage on-site. Two fit perfectly between the rails.

  8. You mentioned the add-a-room. Nice feature. We sometimes use ours a garage. Sometimes keep it closed and use as a spare bedroom for a guest. Sometimes move the picnic table in it so we have a hang-out area out of the rain. Here ours is used as a garage.

  9. We have the deluxe and we love it!

  10. still traveling lite bravo

  11. Welcome from Alabama. If your new to camping, remember it can take a few trips to figure out your base gear. Start with a motorcycle friendly campground. There is nothing funner than go explore the country on motorcycle while camping.

  12. Thank you Jim, and everyone for the warm welcome. I’ve done camping decades ago I am older and not quite so flexible so I am looking so forward to this. I had to go outside last night and peek at it, I chuckled and shook my head, yup, I did it ­čÖé

  13. Welcome from Eastern Oregon

  14. ours with the garage hsve several on my photos

  15. I want one Karin Dreyer-Crone

  16. Still debating on purchasing one or not,but I think I would enjoy it better than than pitching a tent.

  17. I just packed it up, took 10 minutes to put it away

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