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Ok camper owners. Pro and cons Timeout type vs. Bunkhouse type. Both have features I like. Timeout I like the being totally off ground Bunkhouse i like the storage. Trying to decide. Lets hear from owners please and Thanks

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  1. I have a bunkhouse, it pulls great and love the room and easy to set up.

  2. We own an Aspen camper and love it. When you are camping the storage is an absolute must. The Timeout has no storage when set up, so all of your stuff is out in the way. Now, let’s discuss the differences between the Bunkhouse and Aspen campers. The big difference is the support poles for the Aspen are on the inside of the tent. This allows for hanging of things such as lights and fans. It also has no holes in the tent to allow for the poles. Also, one person can set the tent up in under 2 minutes. If it’s raining, that is a big deal. As you can see, I highly recommend the Aspen over both the Bunkhouse and the Timeout.

  3. I have a bunkhouse and love it, try setting up a timeout in the rain

  4. yeah I am leaning toward an Aspen or Bunkhouse type camper. I like the storage and setup but I also like the Timeout type for the floor being off the ground but it looks like it has no storage . on thier site it says made with aluumiun sides but it has to have something under it or you’d fall through. just my observation…I am not a fan of the weight of either one. I agree on the setup in the rain looks like setting up a Timeout you’re going to get wet also your gear will too.

  5. Bunkhouse, without question. You can setup and close it down without getting anything wet.

  6. The Aspen is made in El Paso, Illinois. I think they are running some year end sales now. I would contact them and see what they can do for you. I have met Brady and Emily Mann and they are very nice people and take care of their customers.

  7. I have had both sold both packing a tent is more efficient and cheaper when the tent dies you are out $40

  8. Time out and we have one for sale for $2300 with new bed/new swamp cooler and new heater. All very very super clean.

  9. Never used a time out just got a bunk house this year so far we like a bunch

  10. I now own my second Bunkhouse and recommend it or the Aspen for the storage and simplicity of set up.

  11. set up on time out takes for ever it seems……… when i had my kwick kamp i was up and ready to go and friends with time out were still trying to put the tent part up so they had some where to sleep……….. time out seems to have no room for storage…….i have a bunk house now and it only because they dont make kwik kamp any more

  12. My 92 Kwik-Kamp I bought 2 months ago….loving it

  13. I have owned an aspen classic since 2004, it’s pretty much the same design as a bunkhouse , my friends own a time out, I love the space they have but no way I would trade with the set up time it takes for a time out. and I’m not talking about 30 minutes for either , both are fairly quick , but get caught in the dark and pouring rain one time and you will wish you had a bunkhouse or aspen. pitch dark and pouring rain, i can step off the bike and be in the dry in less than 2 minutes with no help. and to make it even better all the luggage and other gear is still in the bottom of the camper not thrown out at the campsight.

  14. Happy Aspen owner here as well. Never had a Time Out but have seen a few setup and in my opinion the Aspen is lots easier and faster to set up

  15. I’ve been around most all of them. The timeout is yust to much time to setup. Aspen and bunkhouse are about the same. About 10 min to set up. 15 to 20 to take down.

  16. My time out is 7 ft high and it has a table and chairs in it. it never touches the ground and has alot of storage. It has a place for a cooler in front and an air conditioner in the side of it. It is very long.

  17. Love our Aspen Sentry!

  18. The real difference is set up time and weather conditions, Bunkhouse 5 minutes 1 person, Time out my friends spend 20-30 minutes.2 people

  19. I have a timeout. I like it but it doesn’t have any storage once its set up. A lot of my freinds have aspens and they are very nice, but the dressing room is on the ground. The best of both worlds would be an XL rollahome.

  20. Neither, I’ll take my Lees-ure Lite over both of them! IMHO!

  21. Bunkhouse, I like being on the ground, I have not used mine yet, however I camped with a friend who had a bunkhouse, and one with a Timeout, the Timeout never seemed to sit level, too much work to get all levels the same, plus it rained and was hard for the two of us to be inside, the bunkhouse being on the ground allows us a place to sit if the weather turns bad. Just my opinion, I’ve been on both and prefer the Bunkhouse. No experience with Aspen or Lees-ure

  22. Pulling a 99 Bunkhouse, has over 20k miles on it, had to replace the tires couple of times.

  23. I can have my time out set up in less than 10 by myself it is a new one, don’t know if the style had changed, love the room

  24. i can have my old kwik kamp up in less than a minute dont have it any more but do have a bunk house and it takes about 2 minutes…………

  25. I love the fact in our Bunkhouse that we can go ahead and make the bed then when we set up everything is ready.

  26. EVERY camper has its pros and cons. Every owner seems to be a fan of their own brand. I had a Bunkhouse and now have a Lees-ure Lite. One that has been barely mentioned, but should really be considered, is the Roll-a-Home. I would have bought a Rollahome if I could have found one locally. Lees-ure Lite is made in Canada and Rollahome is made in the USA.

  27. I wanted to see what I was going to buy in person and bunkhouse is about a 5 hour ride from home

  28. Where you live.

  29. In Hickory NC

  30. You a long way from me also. I will say this if I had it to do over I would have got the Aspen instead of bunkhouse. About the same just Aspen has more storage.

  31. I’ve found with the bunk house I/we need to pack lighter and last trip was solo and poles inside would have been better

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