Bulky blue plastic tarp?


Well this past weekend I tried the whole hammock camping thing. I found it to be very comfortable. My question is about rain flies and tarps. I know sometimes you don't have trees and have to sleep on the ground. What's everyone use other than a bulky blue plastic tarp?

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  1. Kelty Noah 12 as a rain fly. If you’re asking about a ground tarp, I use a piece of tyvek.

  2. Im using a cheap Amazon fly right now, but there’s a whole rabbit hole of hammock gear out there. Check out dutchwear gear.

  3. You keep going until you find trees and with a suspension system like whoopie slings, you can stretch the hammock out on trees 30 feet apart or more.

  4. Cot tent, pop up camper

  5. DD Hammocks and DD Tarps are what I use. Easy up easy takedown.

  6. I use a Campmor 10 X12 nylon tarp. Been using every year for about 12 years now…

  7. An 11 foot hex cut tarp works great for me. I also use a Kelty Noah’s tarp 12.

  8. Sea to summit escapist for an ultralight ultra packable tarp

  9. Need an underquilt in cold weather or you freeze your butt off

  10. Bulky green plastic tarp.

  11. Ive used the same 7 x 10 nylon tarp for a hammock and ground cloth for many yesrs.

  12. Be creative. You can find sheer curtains for a bug net, a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain for rain protection .cheap and lightweight.

  13. Depending on where and when i camp. I also have an old army bug net. It’s great for those warmer nights where you don’t want to cover up.

  14. I carry a one person tent as back-up.

  15. An all in one tarp with hammock, and some of them also have another under hammock pocket for gear … all kept off the ground.

  16. There are a bunch of companies that do the light, water resistant/waterproof nylon tarp. Some even come with guy lines and stakes. That same tarp can be your underlayment for your sleeping bag and cover you when no trees available to hang a hammock from (or you killed a strap ud83dude35), and they’re great if you get caught out in a nasty storm with hail when there’s no cover such as an overpass to stop under. Pop out the tarp, quickly tie to the tires, pull over bike and yourself xx and blam- no hail dents in your tank or you. Bluefield had some really nice ones for cheap last time I checked, but again, there’s a bunch of different companies that offer this kind of material for tarps.

  17. I use a lot of paracord packs small many uses string a line over hammock put mosquito net or tarp over top, use paracord to reach long distance, beware of rising damp

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