Wisconsin to the southwest Camping


Wanting to give it a try. I've camped in my van quite a bit so I have most supplies. Will probably take my dog. Trailer or no trailer is my question. Wisconsin to the southwest and back is my plan.

Wisconsin to the southwest Camping

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  1. Sweet ride. I was hoping to tour Wisconsin this summer…. Then they shut the border. You will have to post pics

  2. Is that a eagle in the lead?..damn sweet.

  3. Skip the trailer. Might as well be in the van.

  4. great choice of bikes. do they make a hitch to pull a trailer with it though

  5. Goldwing? Of course. It has one on it that’s part of the reason I bought it.

  6. Great setup!!

  7. No trailer…

  8. No trailer. But how big is the doggo?

  9. If no trailer, everything needs to be compact or you will look like the Beverly Hillbillies moving from the country.

  10. With that setup you don’t need a trailer, just put some thought into what you need and what you don’t. If you’re not going for an extended period, you’ve got more than enough luggage on that bike to hold everything you need, all your smaller essentials in your saddlebags and trunk and bungee the tent and bedroll to the seat, you you’re golden!

    I can get pretty much everything I need on my bike for a 4 day haul, including my tools & spare bungees, battery powered air pump, cook stove, mess and chow kits, coffee pot, all my dry goods (noodles, rice, coffee, spices, etc), rain suit, toilet kit, camping towel, and my fancy dslr camera, and I just have a set of Saddleman saddle bags.

    Here’s a shot of my bike loaded with that stuff and a little more. It’s just very creatively packed.

    I will however concede that I have little room left over for clothes, so I just take a spare set of drawers and socks, and a couple of shirts. I can swap out and wash the dirty pair while wearing the clean pair, and I’ll also wear the same clothes for a couple of days.. I’m usually around a bunch of dirty bikers, so I don’t worry so much about dirty clothes and I shower or take a swim in the river in my undies when presented with the opportunity..

  11. My first trip on the wing I did look like the Beverly hillbillies charcoal grill and two sleeping bags on the trunk and a cooler on the saddle bags tank bag tied down with bungees, so much weight in the trunk I did a wheelie coming on the interstate in Fargo SD

  12. I owned an 87 wing which I considered one great bike except the oil cooled stator which goes out every 30k and requires an engine pull to change be gratfull you bought an older one

  13. I was in Wisconsin last weekend then back at the west coast again, and a thousand things to see in between. What route are you thinking?

  14. Trailer better then sleeping on the ground pulled 12 years on it great just did two weeks California

  15. If you need a trailer, you’re taking too much!!!

  16. trailer makes for easy packing. Distributes weight better. To each their own.

  17. +1 for a trailer. Make life so much easier.

  18. Trailer is the way to go! Distributes weight better. Starting and stopping are the only times you notice the trailer there. Even then its not bad at all.

  19. Awesome wing

  20. No trailer. If you need that much, stay home.

  21. You’re on the right machine for anything. https://youtu.be/EMrxee_fazo

  22. Welcome from the Netherlands

  23. How comfortable do you want to be? How much junk can you comfortably ride with on the bike?

  24. You don’t have to get a trailer to carry a few more things including camping gear easily. For $170 you can add a trailer hitch rack to you bike. Far easier and far less expensive than adding a trailer. Of course you will still need to add a trailer hitch, but that may cost easily no more than the trailer hitch rack. Total investment less than 500 bucks. No added maitenance costs, no added license costs, no storage costs, and no trailer costs. Typically a savings of $1,000 to $2,000 or more.

  25. I agree with John Garzaniti, however keep in mind a trailer and/or hitch will cancel any warranty on bike.

  26. It’s a 79. No warranties and I do all my own maintenance.

  27. PA to Nova Scotia… 7 days and 2600 miles. Everything I needed was on the bike. If I am going somewhere and staying there for a few days, I’ll hook up the trailer for all the extra shit I take along for that kind of a trip.

  28. Are your foot pegs where they seem to be in the pic?

  29. A trailer will make the trip much more enjoyable.

  30. To me the trip is 80u0025 riding, 20u0025 camping. So, I only take a trailer when I have to. i.e. when my wife comes. I find it much more enjoyable and free without a trailer.

  31. Any cons touring with a trailer?

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