Motorcycle camping on your backyard?


Planning to do motorcycle camping soon.

One question: is it considered “crazy” to do a motorcycle camping on your backyard? Thanks

Motorcycle camping on your backyard?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Yes, that is crazy. You’ll have to supply your own beer. Go camp at your friend’s yard and drink his beer.

  2. Setting up your "camp" in your backyard is a good idea, then you know how everything goes together and how it repacks.

  3. I’ve camped in my garden a few times ud83eudd37u200du2642ufe0f what’s wrong with that?

  4. I do it a lot too. ud83cudfd5

  5. Not a bad idea , but a shot ride !!!!

  6. Crazy? No Is it camping? No

  7. Best way to test equipment.

  8. Sorry mate you can’t go camping in your back yard because it looks like your bike has thrown a couple of thongs

  9. That broom looks like you parked next to a witch!

  10. You pack the bike go around town a few hours come back home set up camp ?? All jokes asside yeah to make sure you have all you need makes sense.

  11. Of course it is not crazy, very convenient, don’t even have to pack the bike up or move it from the garage.

  12. It’s not crazy if you ride a few miles before you set up. And then you have to ride a little more to pick up firewood, food, cigars, or alcoholic beverages. Those are the rules.

  13. I did that a few weeks before I went to Alaska just to test everything and be sure I had everything. Worked out great.

  14. Not crazy at all. Reservations are $25 per night and send it directly to me…

  15. Not crazy at all. Quite the opposite especially if you do a test run to see what works for you, getting a new tent up should be done at home the first time too

  16. Not at all. Test run.

  17. Practice setting up your tent (so you don’t look foolish to other tent campers). One can always tell who has never pitched their tent before. (snicker)

  18. Welcome from Wisconsin. Camping in your backyard is certainly allowed, as long as it provides some relaxation and piece of mind.

  19. Welcome from the Netherlands

  20. Gotta start somewhere.

  21. That’s a great way to test equipment. Try to get through the evening the whole night and breakfast without going inside your house to really see if you packed what you need and need what you packed.

  22. Backyard is always the best place to start. Practice loading the bike and then unloading and putting up camp. Do this a few times and you’ll probably figure out that you’re packing too much stuff. Takes a few tries before you really figure out what you need and what you don’t.

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