BLM sites in CA, NV & AZ that will allow LT camping


We are new to this camping thing (at least I am) and I was wondering about these BLM sites in CA, NV & AZ that will allow LT camping. Does anyone on here do this and, if so, what is it like? How do they compare to other camping sites? I’ve camped with family in the summer but we want to do it full time soon.

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  1. We have stayed in Quartzite & 2 in Southern California. There are four areas south of Quartzite. Midland is just across the California border. And Wiley's Well is about 50 miles or so west of Quartzite. We started out in Quartzite and discovered the other LTVA's later.

  2. Here's a map of all the LTVAs covered by the $180 pass in CA/AZ. Lots of choice!

  3. So, let me see if I understand this right. If you purchase the $180 seasonal pass, you can visit and stay in any of the LT BLM?

  4. Senator Wash LTVA is just north of Yuma…
    Pilot knob is West of Yuma, and several others in Cal.

  5. Plus a Whole bunch of FREE 14 day areas in all 4 states.

  6. I'll be in Quartzsite before Christmas!

  7. I looked at some of those others on BLM site, but we have to have access to electricity and water. Eventually I would like to try solar, but my better half isn't ready for it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Double yes! You can stay in any of the 7 areas listed on that map for as long as you like between Sept 15th and April 15th (those are the dates the $180 pass covers). Stay at one, stay at several…whatever.

  9. Jim, you are going to miss the snow!

  10. I have 1600 watts of solar. I operate just like I did in my S&B house!

  11. Yes!!! Like I miss Painful Rectal Itch!!!

  12. OK another question, since you all know so much ๐Ÿ˜‰ Are there any of these free BLM in the midwest? With water and electric? Free or nearly free?

  13. Just to be clear. NONE of the LTVA areas offer electricity. You camp out in the desert on your own. There are dump stations and water at several of the LTVAs, but no electricity.

  14. No electric free!! Very little free water & dump.

  15. No BLM east of Mississippi.

  16. Ouch! That is going to be a problem…no electricity. Bummer.


  18. I may have to rethink this thing…I'll check out the Las Colinas RV parks first. We have to look into solar anyway.

  19. I don't know anything about solar ;-(

  20. You won't find any BLM areas with electricity. There are no "fixed" sites here. You just drive out in the desert and camp wherever you like. That's why it's so cheap, and no issues with space.

  21. Solar sounds like the way to go. I have some research to do.

  22. Or, get a generator if you just want to try it out and see if you like it. We camped our 1st year with a generator and got solar our 2nd year.

  23. Nina, what type of things can be run on a generator? Laptop, coffee maker, tv, water heater?

  24. Everything can be run! No problem. We've powered our entire rig by generator.

  25. I spend at least 8 months of the year Dry camping. (No hookups). I run a chest type food freezer & 2nd fridge from my house, 24/7 for 4 years now.

  26. We have a small camper, but a lot of stuff that uses electricity ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. OK, we are going to have to get a generator!

  28. Jim, do you use a generator?

  29. Honda EU2000.

  30. I very seldom use mine. I have a Onan 5500. Has to be solid clouds for 3 days or more.

  31. Thank you Jim, Nina, Robert, Beth, Joy, WIlliard – you all have great ideas! I have to get up on solar and get a generator. Jim, you use solar and a generator?

  32. Once you get solar, if it's properly installed you'll rarely (if ever) need the generator. We have 600 Watts so not nearly as much as Jim, but it powers everything we need no problem. We only use the generator if we get multiple cloudy days in a row and/or we're under trees. This past winter we boondocked almost the entire winter and never ran the generator for power.

  33. A 600 watt solar will power a freezer, fridge and more?

  34. Primarily Solar. Only use generator as stand by. (3 cloudy days in a row & I might have to use Genny.)

  35. No…I have 1600 watts of solar. Electric coffee, toaster, hair dryer, computers & phones, crock pot, satellite TV, power tools, welder, fridge & freezer!!

  36. Oh…microwave, & anything else you had in your house!

  37. Our fridge uses propane when we're not hooked up, so it doesn't need the solar. Our 600 watts powers everything else incl. laptops, internet, satellite TV, lights etc. It covers us totally.

  38. One of my fridges uses both propane or electric. The other fridge & my chest freezer are from my house…electric only.

  39. This is great info on solar – I can probably get by on 600 watt. Our camper is small, like 17 ft I think. So it should be plenty.

  40. I installed all mine myself. Too simple not to!

  41. Yup, for a small camper 600 watts will be fine. For comparison our rig is a 40-foot Class A and we do fine with 600 watts.

  42. That's a big camper!

  43. Yup! we call her "the beast" tee hee….she's a biggun!

  44. Mine is a 42' toy hauler 5th wheel. I drive my car right up inside the back. (garage).

  45. We still haven't named our little camper yet. We are remodeling a camper – trying for the glamping look.

  46. Just call ours "Home".

  47. South of Ehrenberg, mile marker 1. Lots of places there.

  48. Google images of LTVA Quartzsite AZ or Imperial Dam, Yuma Az. It may give you an idea of boondocking during the busy season. There is lots of BLM land available in the Southwest, usually with 14 day limits otherwise. Provided one has either a generator and/or Solar and can conserve on water easily, boondocking is a wonderful alternative to RV Parks. There is lots of information online regarding boondocking. In my opinion nothing beats it.

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